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Christmas Beauty Sets I've Got My Eye On

Although Christmas is a time for giving, it would be just plain rude not to include yourself in the equation, right? Because, yes, you may receive gifts from others but who knows your taste better than you do, huh? If you're a beauty addict, like me, then Christmas beauty sets will probably send you into a bit of a frenzy. Limited edition products, cute mini versions of your fave moisturiser or lipstick. It's heaven, basically...

I always like to treat myself to beauty bits around Christmas time because you can get some seriously good deals. Why buy your usual moisturiser when you could get it in a gift set, with other bits and bobs, for the exact same price as getting it on it's own, after all?

Shops like Boots and Debenhams also offer extra points all the time on the run up to Christmas so it's a good time to rack up your loyalty card for future spending! Plus shops get all competitive over the festive season so whenever Boots offer a discount on premium beauty, Debenhams/HOF/John Lewis etc will all probably try and beat them on price. So be sure to shop around, ladies!

Anyways, enough of my babbling. Here's my pick of the best beauty Christmas sets which would be the perfect treat for YOU (or also to give as, y'know, actual Christmas presents if you so wish)...

I'm a big fan of Benefit's cheek collection. Hoola is my go-to contour product, Dandelion is must-have blush and Watts Up! is one of the best highlighters out there. So, a set that combines all three, along with three other cheek products, a they're real mini mascara and push-up liner is a definite win in my eyes. 

I'm still yet to try any of the NARS lip range despite constantly reading rave reviews about their lipsticks and pencils. So, I've got my eye on this Steven Klein set, exclusive to Space NK, that comes with 5 mini lipsticks in some of their most popular shades. Because, for some reason, I can justify spending £29 on five lipsticks rather than £20 on one. Even though they're tiny. Makes sense, really.

Okay, so basically I want everything from the MAC Enchanted Eve collection because it's pretty and limited edition and MAC - that's the only explanation I have, really. The lipstick and lipglass are both gorgeous nude shades which I know I'd get loads of wear out of and the eyeshadow palette is just beautiful. The Veluxe Pearl finish is my favourite out of the MAC eye finishes and I like how all the colours are so wearable. 

I actually bought this set, for myself, last week. I'd been eyeing up the Night-A-Mins moisturiser for ages and thought it was well worth spending an extra fiver to get the Precipitation Body Cream and the Drink Up Intensive Mask. It also comes in a cute little make up bag with an eye mask, too. What more could you want, eh? I also snapped this up when Boots were offering 10% off premium beauty AND got an extra 500 points because I bought something else, yup.

I don't know why, but I'm such a sucker for mini fragrances. I just like been able to carry them around with me and spritz myself on the go. Not many people seem to be familiar with Clinique scents and that's probably because some, not gonna lie, aren't great. But Happy is such a lovely, fresh scent and the other versions that come with it; Happy in Bloom, Happy Heart, Hint of Citrus and Wealth of Flowers are all beauts, too. I think this is a great lil set for under £30 as you'll constantly have a perfume to pop in your handbag for the forseeable future.

Clarins are one of my fave brands for lips. They have great shade ranges and they're just way more moisturising than a lot of other brands lip offerings, in my opinion. So this gift set is a good way to introduce yourself to their collection with 4 cute lil minis. 

S H O P  T H E  P O S T . . .
What Christmas beauty sets have you got your eye on?!

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