Tuesday, 3 November 2015

October Instagram Diary: Feeling Autumnal, Five Guys & Fruit Loaf

Hello... It's me. I just had to, soz. So, October's been a weird month and I must apologise for how sporadic my posts have been lately. Up until recently, I used to always post 3/4 times a week on set days and lately that just hasn't really gone to plan. I haven't really found the time to actually sit down and properly blog so I definitely want to get into a better blogging routine from now on. Anyways, I thought I'd just share with you some pics from my Instagram so you can see what I've been up to over the past month...

1) I've been absolutely loving Lush at the moment and this little guy is probably one of my fave bath bombs, out of the ones I've tried so far. At £1.95, the Butter Bear is probably one of Lush's cheapest offerings too so it's definitely worth a go. I love how silky it makes the water and I also really like that it doesn't change the colour as I had a bad experience with what ended up looking like a wee coloured bath previously (I'm looking at you, Cinders...)

2) Oh look, it's a from where I stand shot ft some leaves. How original, right? I will hold my hands up and admit I am just one big walking blogger cliche but I just love how pretty this time of year is. I'm also really happy about the fact it's now ankle boot weather again.

3) Here I am being a bit of a poser and sporting a berry lip. This lipstick is the Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliance in Grape and I'm obsessed with it. It's really moisturising and has a bit of a shine to it so it doesn't feel too drastic for everyday wear. And it's just such an 'autumnal' shade, as they say...

4) I'm a bit of a Grandma, these days, and tend to spend my nights watching netflix sipping peppermint tea so it was nice to have a girls night out, at the end of October with my two besties. We went to The Alchemist in Leeds and spent the night sat outside on the balcony, overlooking the city, attempting to stay warm under the outdoor heaters. Obviously a photo of our mojitos on the marble tables had to be taken. 

5) I recently discovered Warburtons orange fruit loaf and it's basically the best thing ever. In colder months, I'm all for warm breakfasts and this is definitely my fave morning option when I want something quick and easy. Plus two slices counts as one of your five a day so it's healthy, right?
6) I picked up this top in New Look a couple of weeks ago and I've worn it pretty much non-stop since. It's a light material, with long sleeves, a boho print and a lace up front. And it's black so it fits in my wardrobe perfectly. At £12.99, I thought this was a total bargain!

7) Fresh flowers never used to interest me but I'm all for them now. Probs cos they make Instagram feeds look so pretty. There's a florist near me that sell gorgeous bouquets - I'm tempted by the reddish ones at the front as they look really Autumn-y.

8) I kinda feel like once you've had a Krispy Kreme donut, no other donut compares. So I try to keep my Krispy Kreme trips to a minimum so I appreciate them more, when I do go. I don't have a huge sweet tooth so usually pick the slightly less adventurous options. I had a chocolate iced and an original glazed with an iced coffee. It was beautiful.

9) Although we said goodbye to Summer in September, October definitely hasn't been as cold as I was expecting. I even managed to enjoy a 99 on my walk home, not that long ago! Although I'm pretty sure this will probably be my last ice cream cone of the year...

10) I'm still in the process of setting up my desk area but I'm really impressed with it so far. I picked up the desk from Ikea for really cheap and have just added some magazines, fake flowers and a frame to liven things up a bit. Having an area that's designated for work will hopefully mean I actually get more work done. We'll see.

11) I discovered Homesense stationery in October and fell in love. I've always been a huge Homesense fan but thought it was just homeware (well, duh) but, nope, they have a shit ton of stationery, too. There's so much to choose from and, basically, you all kinda need to go. If you wanna see what I picked up, then you can read all about my Homesense stationery haul here.

12) And, last but not least, I lost my Five Guys virginity. It was definitely worth the wait. I'm not much of a beef burger person at all but this place is just summin else. The burgers are so succulent and the fries are absolutely packed with flavour. It is a bit pricey for fast food but it just hits the spot. My only regret was opting for the 'little cheeseburger'... Anyone else drooling right now?

How was your October!?

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