Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Blogs To Check Out #2

So, I know I probably say this far too often but HOW quick has this month gone!? I can't believe we're actually in December. The Christmas countdown is well and truly on now. Although I'm not as excited about Christmas as I was last year cos, y'know, #retailprobs, I'm still loving all the wintery, Christmassy vibes that come with this festive month. Anyway, if you're looking for a bit of new reading, grab a cuppa and check out the lovely bloggers who've been advertising me with throughout November...

Sam from Stories of Sam

Hi! I'm Sam, I'm 27 year's old and live in (sometimes) sunny Brighton, UK. I can't touch my toes, roll my tongue, whistle, wink or generally do anything cool with my body. I'm working on the toes thing by doing lots of yoga and generally thinking toe touching thoughts but have given up on the rest. I like writing personal posts, reviews and rambling lists. Come have a read. Bring tea. 

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Lauren from The Second Opinion

Hi, I'm Lauren - the woman behind 'The Second Opinion' blog! I'm 26, a passionate marketer, with a love for food, fashion and travel. My blog was created at the beginning of 2015 (can't believe how quickly the time has gone!). My blog started out very beauty focused but actually, as time has gone on, I've covered everything from fashion inspiration to general opinion pieces to food recipes. I like to keep my content varied, fresh and honest, with something for everyone! 

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Amanda from Anchored To Sunshine

Hi, my name’s Amanda :) Originally from Florida, until one day I packed up my life and moved to DC on a whim! Over my last two years here I’ve picked up an amazing boyfriend (he technically picked me up but that’s a story for another time), a wonderful roommate, and a number of new friends who’ve helped me/ forced me/ and made me want to officially call DC home. I work for a branding firm by day and blog by night (actually more like the early early hours of the morning, I’m a morning person). I created this blog to keep track of it all; great restaurants, books, fitness trends, and everything else that happens in a 20-something girl’s (woman’s?) world. 

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 Lily from Lily Ann Loves

Lily Ann - the twenty year old, 5ft7, slight beauty obsessive behind Lily Ann Loves. Here to supply you with all the beauty knowledge you could possibly ever need (or want) to know. Lily Ann can probably found at a make up counter, up a hill in Shropshire with a furry hound in tow, or failing that, in a bar with a G&T in hand.

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I've loved featuring these girlies in my sidebar this month and I hope you've found some new bloggers to follow :)
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