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Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Filler Ideas Under £5!

I don't know about you, but I always like to buy stocking fillers for people - even if I've got them a big, main gift - just 'cause it's a little extra something to open. But, lets be honest, some stocking fillers can either be a bit crap or cost far more than they should for something so tiny. So, if you're stuck for some ideas for little bits and bobs to pop in any gals stocking, then this post should have you covered...

Lush bath bombs/mini shower gels & creams, £1.95 - £4.95.
Honestly, I don't think you can go wrong with Lush (unless the girl you're buying for has sensitive skin, then maybe avoid products like this). I know I'd be thrilled if I saw the little Lush brown bag peeking out of my stocking and wondering what goodie was inside it. I'm loving the Butterbear Bath Bomb this year because it's such a cute, Christmassy looking bath bomb and it's only £1.95! I'm also obsessed with the Comforter Shower Cream but can't bring myself to just stock up on a big bottle so, if I end up with a nice supply of mini versions in my stocking, that'd be fab.

Large vaseline tin, £2.
Pretty much every gal (and guy!) will probably be suffering with chapped lips at the moment or at some point in the near future thanks to the Great British wintery weather. So these large vaseline tins (that include three normal sized vaselines in different flavours) are perfect for keeping those pesky chapped lips at bay. I also think the large tin they come in is super handy for storage. I managed to pick this up for just £2 from good ol' Superdrug which is a serious bargain considering it usually costs about £2 for just one small tin! I can't find the link online so it could have sold out but it's worth checking your local store as there was loads on the shelves at mine :)

Disney boypants, £4 each or 3 for £10.
Honestly, I don't think I'll ever be too old for disney themed gifts, especially when they come in the form of these super cute girl boxers from Topshop. I picked up the Villain print ones and the Elsa and Ana pair but there's loads of others available. At 3 for £10 (or £4 each), you may as well treat yourself to a pair whilst you're at it, really.)

Barry M Nail Paints (£2.99/£3.99 each) & Mavala Christmas bauble (£5 each).
Despite having about 50 different nail polishes, I always welcome a new one to my collection so I'd definitely appreciate one or two thrown in my stocking for good measure. Because it's good to have a variation, right? I love Barry M nail paints as I think they're so well priced and just as good quality as more expensive ones but if you're going down a more festive route, then these Mavala Christmas baubles are perfect - there's a few different festive, glittery shades which all come in an individual cute lil bauble for a fiver, each.

The Body Shop Hand Cream, £4.
Like chapped lips, girls often get very dry hands in the colder months so it's always good to have a hand cream at, erm, hand? Hand creams can be hit and miss, though. Some smell really bad and have a horrible greasy texture so it's best to stick with the ones that you know won't disappoint. For me, that's this little gem from The Body Shop. I absolutely love the smell of the Honeymania one but I imagine the other offerings, such as Shea Butter or perhaps Frosted Plum if you're feeling a bit festive, will be just as nice. At £4, I think they're a steal as they last ages and since The Body Shop nearly always have some kind of deal on, you'll probably be able to snap one up for even cheaper than that!

Primark pyjama tops/bottoms, £3-£5 each.
Primark is always my number one stop for pyjamas as they're so cheap and usually have a great selection to choose from, too. Yes, pyjamas are a bit of a boring, generic gift but - lets be honest - you can never have too many pairs, can you!? I've seen loads of pyjama tops, in particular, that have caught my eye this year and I just couldn't resist buying myself the "All you need is coffee" top which would be a perfect present for any other coffee lovers out there. Have a look at the pyjama section next time you're in Primark if you're seeking some well priced, additional gifts that won't disappoint.

Do you have any sassy stocking filler suggestions!?

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