Tuesday, 8 December 2015

How To Get Your Creative Mojo Back

When I first started this blog, I literally had SO many ideas of things to write about. But, recently, I've been completely lost. I'll sit and stare at my laptop for hours trying to come up with something remotely interesting and, instead, end up on the Topshop new in section and make my bank account hate me even more. The stuggle is real, gals...

So, I've set myself the challenge of doing Blogmas where I'll post everyday in December - which I know is hardly a big deal for some bloggers who daily blog but, for me, it was a way to force myself to try and get my creative juices flowing, again. And I think it's kinda worked.

Here's how I've been attempting to get my long lost creative mojo back:
  • Read! I love reading and I don't do it anyway near as often as I'd like to. I often feel like slobbing out on the sofa watching TV or scrolling through social media on my phone makes my brain lazy. It doesn't get me thinking or challenge me in anyway. But reading a great book usually leaves me feeling inspired and seems to set the cogs in motion. 
  • Accept you may have to produce something crap in order to produce something great. Because I've not wanted to abandon my blogging game altogether, I've ended up putting up some posts I'm not totally happy with. I know, I know - not cool, right? But looking back on my less than average work really does motivate me to do bigger and better things. 
  • Don't be afraid to take time out. I actually did a post not too long ago about why we should take some out and not feel guilty about it because it's something I feel strongly about. Because everyone just needs a bit of time to rest and recharge their batteries, sometimes, so you can come back with a fresh new outlook on everything.
  • Buy new stationery supplies - any excuse to spend, right? But there's just something about a fresh new notebook that makes me want to fill it up with ideas!
  • Mind map your ideas - kinda like being back at school, huh? But it's just a way for you to literally jot down anything your thinking of and completely clear your mind and then you can look back at it and attempt to pluck out the good bits. 
Any other ideas you guys have for getting your creativity back!?

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