Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Being A More Positive Person

I realise the title of this post sounds like it's an extract from some form of self help book.. soz about that. It's really not. It's just me babbling on about how I've tried to become a more positive person in the hopes it might help some of you guys!

I've always been a negative person. A glass half empty kinda gal. I would say things like: "It's better to be negative because then you'll have a nice surprise when something goes right." Yep, happy Harry over here! But, I realised, recently, that you don't need to be all smiling, all happy, ALL of the time to actually be a positive person. Heck, you can still have negative thoughts from time to time. Because it's hard to be positive 100% of the time - mainly because no matter how much positive energy you try and channel into things, life has a way of throwing shit at you to see how you cope.

That being said, being negative all the time helps no-one. Old me would say it's better to have low expectations so that the reality can only be better but new me realises that if you expect something to be shit, it probably will be. And if you expect something to be good? Well, you will probably try to make it good so you don't disappoint yourself. It's a funny old thing is the human brain really, isn't it?

I spent a lot of last year quite unhappy. I didn't like my job, I didn't like my body and I didn't like the fact I wasn't rich. I realise this probably sums up about half of the population. And I also realised that all these things could be changed. So, I'm by no means fulfilled right now, but I definitely feel a lot happier in myself after making some changes. I still don't love my job - but this time it's a temporary one until I start teacher training in September, I still don't love my body - but I'm trying to eat cleaner and actually do a bit of exercise from time to time and I'm still broke AF. That probably won't change anytime soon but I'm actually kind of enjoying budgeting and putting money away for a rainy day.

I realised that those people who appear to be happy and positive all of the time have to try to be like that. It doesn't just come naturally. It's so easy to be miserable, to dwell on things that get you down and wish you could differ your situation. But it's a lot harder to actually say "you know what, things aren't great, but they could be worse." I used to hate people like that. But now I feel I am one of those people. And it feels kinda good.

Do you have any tips on being a more positive person?

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