Friday, 1 January 2016

Blogs To Check Out #3

Well, hello 2016! I thought I'd kick the first of the year's posts off by introducing you to the blogs of the lovely ladies who advertised with me throughout December - you'd be silly not to check them out...

Misia from Go Wash Your Face

First up, how good is Misia's blog name!? I feel like it's the perfect name for a blog about skincare and, not gonna lie, I'm kind of kicking myself that I didn't think of something as inventive, myself! As you can guess, Misia's blog focuses on beauty with a particular emphasis on skincare. Her posts are super informative, too, especially this one that explains which natural ingredients you should avoid in skin products - you will definitely learn something new over at Go Wash Your Face! Here's a bit more about Misia...
I'm Misia, a 26-year-old mum to a 5-year-old boy. We live in Cardiff with a dog, two cats, and far too many cosmetic products.To to save my friends and family from being bored to death by my desire to endlessly talk about all these little bits of lovely, I decided to get involved in the blogging community to share the things I love and to find out more about what other people love.

Make sure you check out Misia's social media links below...

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Liv from Livy-Megs

Livy has a huge passion for blogging and sharing things she's passionate about with others. Her blog covers a range of topics from beauty to fashion to just general lifestyle so there'll definitely be something that takes your fancy on there! I particularly enjoyed her post on The Perfect Lazy Sunday (although it did make me slightly jel that I work Sundays, boo!) Here's a little more about the gal behind the blog...
My name is Liv and i'm an 18 year old student, studying Business and Management at The University of Lincoln in England. Originally it was my boyfriend who set up my blog and he calls me Livy which is where the name originated from. The idea was that I could use blogging as a way to escape and de-stress as I enjoy writing and have always enjoyed reading and following other people's blogs.

Make sure you check out Liv's social media links below...

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Hannah from Suitcase and Sandals

Hannah's blog features a variety of posts from film and book reviews to, my personal fave, lists! If you're a fan of lifestyle blogs, then you'll definitely be a fan of Suitcase & Sandals as there's something for everyone! One of my fave posts is Successful Women Do The Things They Dislike First as it made me realise I constantly save the things I hate til last and then never end up actually doing them - this post definitely made me want to change that! Here's a little more about Hannah...
Hi, I'm Hannah and I'm the 22 year old lifestyle blogger behind Suitcase and Sandals. I spend far too much money on pyjamas and my nose is almost always in a book. I started Suitcase and Sandals in 2013 when I decided to document my life so when I'm old and grey I can remember the wonderful things I got up to when I was young and in my prime. My content is varied (from books to travel to career posts), but I hope you find something you'll love! 

Make sure you check out Hannah's social media links below...

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Have you found a new favourite!?

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