Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Flavoured Green Tea I Can Get On Board With: T Plus Wellness Drinks Review

Fun fact: I used to hate green tea. But now I can't get enough of the stuff. I'm one of those who goes through about 3 cups in one sitting at Wagamamas cos it's free. Yep. But I definitely think green tea is one of those 'grower' drinks. Like, the first time you try it you'll probably think it tastes like dishwater. But it's one of those things you just have to persevere with as it has so many benefits...

Now, I'm not one of those people that try to push certain foods or drinks on others. At all. But I really do think drinking a few cups of green tea a day can do you a world of good (obviously it won't do much if you're doing that alongside eating 3 maccie's a day but ya get where I'm coming from.) I've been drinking it for about a year now and, for me, it's really helped with bloating and digestion. When I went on holiday for a week and didn't drink any I really noticed a difference.

But I understand the taste of pure green tea can be a bit off-putting for some. I've grown to like it but I'll still seek out flavoured green tea's where I can purely because most of them just taste a lot nicer. And if you're a green tea beginner, it's probably best to start with flavoured ones as they won't taste as, I don't know, bland(?) as plain green tea. 

I've tasted my fair share of flavoured green teas. Some are good and some are literally minging. And the problem with a lot of them is that they end up making the green tea less healthy by adding sugar. So, when T Plus sent me some of their fruity, wellness teas I was eager to give them a try. 

T Plus are a new, independent British company that make 'wellness' teas. The idea behind it being that they wanted to make a blend of green tea, herbal tea and fruit tea - all in one super tea. So, it's packed with health benefits and tastes better than your run of the mill plain green tea. I love the idea but, still, although it might be good for your body - does it actually taste good?

I tried both the Raspberry & Pomegranite Boost Tea - which is meant to be good for drinking first thing in the morning and before going hitting the gym - and the Lemon & Peach Multi-Vitamin Tea - which is best for drinking mid-morning. I'll be honest, here. The smell of the tea's is quite strong! Whilst they were brewing I did worry that they might be a bit too overpowering for me. But, I actually really loved both of them. I think my favourite was the Lemon & Peach as I drank that when I had a cold and it seemed to really soothe it. But the Raspberry & Pomegranite tea is seriously refreshing, too, and I'm looking forward to having a cup before going to the gym to see if it does give the boost it claims to.

Overall, I think these teas really do live up to their claims. They're packed with vitamins, herbs and fruits and actually taste good. And for £2.76 for a box of 15 tea bags, I think they're really well priced compared to a lot of other healthy teas on the market. So I'll definitely be repurchasing when my current supply runs out to keep up with the whole health kick I'm attempting to get started at some point in January...

Are you a green tea lover? Will you be giving these a try?

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