Friday, 22 January 2016

Getting My Shit Together 2.0

I should probably start by saying that the fact I'm writing this post 21 days into 2016 doesn't exactly make me look the most organised of souls does it? But everyone knows January is just a practise month don't they? Nope? Just me then...

Anyway, I got lazy towards the end of 2015 with pretty much all aspects of my life so I want this year to be different. I know a digit at the end of the year shouldn't make a difference to how you approach things but I like having an excuse to make a fresh start and I feel like a new year is always the perfect time to start this kinda thing.

I think I did a post about getting my shit together last year so here's my revamped version of how I'm attempting to actually sort my life out, this year...

- Food prep and planning
I waste so much money on food - it's actually ridiculous. I added up how much I spent on takeaways last year and it was well over £400 which actually makes me feel sick! Not only is it unhealthy, it's just a complete waste of well earned money. I also spend loads on lunches because I can't be arsed to make my own lunch to take to work with me. So, I want to start planning and prepping my eating habits a lot more. I've started making weekly plans of what I'm going to have for dinner so I actually buy what I need when I go shopping rather than buying a load of crap that won't get eaten. I'm also making much of an effort to take a packed lunch to work with me most days instead of spending £3 a day on meal deals! I'm hoping this will save me a shit ton of money and also help me get in shape, now I'm actually watching what I eat.

- Saving money
I've always been good at saving money but for the last half of last year, I was terrible. I think it's mainly because I left my full time job and my hours now are a lot more random. Sometimes I'll work 6 days a week, sometimes it might only be 3 so I'm never sure how much I'll actually get paid which does make saving a bit of a challenge. This will all change in the future but, for now, it's a lot harder to save up than it used to be! However, I know I'll be craving a sunny holiday as we get further into the year and I'm desperate to get started on a mortgage fund so I'm trying to save as much as I possibly can this year!

- Getting things done straight away
I'm really guilty, recently, of putting things on the back burner. Things that I cba with, things that I just really don't want to do. So, I really want to start just getting things done straight away instead of putting them off. I know this will be way easier said than done but I definitely think I'll feel a lot more relaxed if I'm not spending half of my time feeling like I have a weight on my shoulders. First things first, this means actually doing some maths revision and getting my numeracy skills test out of the way so then nothing will stand in the way of me starting my teacher training, in September!

- Stepping out of my comfort zone
I genuinely feel like the majority of my problems and worries stem from me not wanting to step out of my comfort zone. So, I want to start plucking up the courage to do things I might not feel comfortable with, a lot more often. Life's short, at the end of the day, and I don't want to waste it umming and ahhing over silly decisions!

How are you getting your shit together in 2016?

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