Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Taking A Different Approach To Blogging

I have a bit of a weird relationship with blogging at the moment. I mean, I enjoy it but I don't love it like I used to. I don't know if it's because I'm just sometimes 'too busy' to blog or if it's due to the fact that I'm having a bit of writers block but, either way, I struggle to actually sit down, write posts and take photographs for this little space, right now. So, here's how I want to change my approach to blogging...

- Scrapping the routine
I've always been conscious of sticking to a routine, when it comes to blogging. I liked to post 3 times a week, on set days, up until recently but, since I've decided to just post when I want, I feel a lot less relaxed about it. I think if I blogged full time, I'd probably want to be a lot more organised when it came to a blogging schedule. But, as I don't, I'm happy to just churn out a post when I feel like it. And if that means I might post 5 one week, 2 one week and 0 one week, then that's just how it'll be.

- Don't worry about stats
I used to be obsessed with checking my blog stats but I honestly can't even remember the last time I checked my google analytics. I think you have to have a bad stats week to have a good stats week, sometimes, and although I'm well aware of the fact, I still feel like shit when I have a shitty stat week. I now prefer to look at stats to see what particular posts my readers liked the best rather than getting hung up on overall page views and all that. It's definitely made me stress a lot less now that I'm not refreshing analytics 10 times a day.

- Don't worry about followers
I'm not gonna lie, here. I always get a bit giddy when I get a notification to say someone has followed me via Bloglovin. And I equally get a bit sad when I see my number has decreased, meaning someone has unfollowed. But I don't want this to affect my approach to blogging, anymore. Just because people aren't following you, doesn't mean they aren't reading. I'm so guilty of reading blogs on a daily basis but not actually clicking follow. At the end of the day, it's just a number and if the readership is clearly there, it shouldn't matter how high that figure is.

- Quality not quantity
I realised when I attempted to do blogmas, in December, that I want my blog to be about quality and not quantity. I seriously envy those people who can have both - those who post every day but still manage to make every single post good. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those people. I'm a perfectionist and I want everything to be just right. This often means completely scrapping a post I may have planned previously because the photos weren't right or I just wasn't totally happy with it. I'd rather have a small amount of good quality posts than loads of mediocre ones.
I'm hoping if I stick to these little targets I've set myself then I will start to rekindle my love for blogging a bit more and the ideas will just start to flow - here's hoping!

Are you taking a different approach to blogging this year?

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