Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Best Things About Having Your Own Place

Well, I say having my own place but I actually rent a flat and share it with my boyf but, you get the drift, right? I first moved out of my parents house when I went to uni around 4 and a half years ago (wow, I feel old.) But, as a student, I never really saw halls or shared houses as a 'home' and ended up going back and forth between my uni accomodation and parents home way more than I thought I would! But living with Josh is different. I love our little flat and how it feels so homely, now, and I couldn't quite imagine not having our own place anymore. Here's my favourite things about having my own home (even if it is a rented one since getting a mortgage is virtually impossible these days - sigh)...

1) Being able to wash up when you want
And if that means leaving three days of washing up on the side because you'd rather watch Hollyoaks after dinner, then so be it. Although, as lame and adult as it may sound, it's definitely better to get it done as soon as possible. Because the downside to having your own place is that someone else definitely won't be doing it for you...

2) Homeware shopping
Honestly, if I have a spare tenner, these days, I think I'd rather spend it on a fancy candle than a lipstick. Shocker, right!? I'm obsessed with homeware shopping and I can only see the obsession getting worse when we eventually do own a house and I'm not restricted to just buying decorative accessories - being able to paint the walls and hang up frames wherever I want them is something I'm more than excited about.

3) Buying fresh flowers
I mean, could I sound any older? But there's something seriously satisfying about buying a bunch of fresh flowers and popping them in a vase on your kitchen table - everything instantly seems brighter 
and fresher. 

4) Cooking your own meals
Because although I loved getting meals cooked for me, I love being in charge of choosing exactly what I want to eat every night. 

5) Ordering a takeaway if you feel like it
Because now you're a grown up with your own place so if you cba cooking and want a Dominos on a Tuesday night then you go for it, gurl.

6) Having complete freedom of what's on the TV
If you want to watch Gossip Girl ALL DAY, you totally can. Although I guess Josh and I do still argue about who gets to watch the TV in the living room as the big, shiny, HD, Smart TV is a tad better than the tiny bedroom one. But, still. There's a lot less people to argue with about who gets the remote.

7) Ikea trips...
This speaks for itself, doesn't it? When you're younger and live at home, walking around the maze that is Ikea isn't exactly majorly exciting. But when you have your own place with space to fill, it suddenly becomes a lot more appealing. Cactuses, plant pots, storage... and a hot dog to top it all off? YES, PLEASE.

8) Understanding the value of money
Don't get me wrong, there are definitely days when I would LOVE to live at home, virtually rent-free and have tons more free cash to spend on MAC lipsticks, a daily Starbucks and all those other things you definitely NEED, right? However, ensuring you pay for rent, bills and so on each month and still attempting to budget in some spare money to treat yo'self is actually kind of empowering. It definitely makes you appreciate the value of money a lot more when you start to understand exactly why your Dad used to shout at you for not turning the light off when you left a room. Electricity ain't cheap, you guys.

What are your favourite things about having your own place?

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