Monday, 15 February 2016

The Little Things

Hello, Monday. I know it tends to be the most hated day of the week for many but, to be honest, mines not too bad this week as I have a lie in and a short shift at work ahead of me. (Sorry for my smugness.) Anyway, I woke up feeling quite content this morning, with the sun shining through the window, and I was having a little ponder about how it tends to be the little things that can quite easily turn your mood from crappy to happy. So, obviously, I thought I'd write a lil list of all those little things that can be serious mood changers...

1. A morning drink in bed
2. Breakfast in bed
3. Not setting an alarm
4. Fresh bedding
5. A whole day spent watching a series
6. Crisp, winter days when it's cold but sunny
7. Leftover pizza
8. Waking up and thinking you have work, but you don't
9. Hitting all the green lights
10. Finding a bargain
11. Having non-greasy hair for more than 2 days in a row
12. Ice cream straight out of the tub
13. Spontaneous meals out
14. Fresh flowers
15. Dressing perfectly appropriately for the outside temperature
16. Finding a bit of money in your pocket
17. Listening to an old song that brings back good memories
18. Getting stuck in a good book/magazine
19. New pyjamas
20. Getting into bed after a long day

What little things can turn your mood around?

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