Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Valentines Day With Homesense

My boyfriend and I have never really been ones to go all out on Valentines Day - infact, if it wasn't so in your face absolutely everywhere you go, we'd probably forget about it! I'm not one for wanting to buy gifts for the sake of it so when Homesense asked me to have a look at their range, I was well impressed - because it features pieces that you will actually use after Valentines Day - here are some of my picks...

Okay, so I definitely didn't need another mug. But, I just loved this simplistic, little heart mug. I think I might actually end up using it as a pencil pot as I think it will look super cute on my desk! I also picked up this bar of Divine dark chocolate with caramel pieces to pop inside it as it sounds seriously yummy and would be good if you're buying for someone who's maybe watching what they eat as dark choc is a little less bad for you then plain, old milk!

I absolutely had to pick up this white Eiffel Tower decoration. My boyfriend and I visited Paris for our 21st so it's a place that will always hold some significance to me and, of course, Paris is the 'city of love' so it's a perfect little present for the big day. You can definitely expect to see this little guy cropping up as a 'prop' on blog photos in the future, I suspect...

Finally, I snapped up this adorable faux flower in a white (of course) dotty, porcelain pot. Again, this will probably start to make it's way into my photos and I just love pretty and fresh it looks in my living room. I'm not sure if this is actually a Valentines day one off or not but, either way, flowers are always a good shout on Valentines Day and at least this one will last longer than the real deal!

How much? Mug, £4.99 | Chocolate, £1.49 | Faux flower in pot, £6.99 | Eiffel tower decoration, £7.99

What do you think of my picks? Would you like to receive homeware for Valentines Day?

*Giftcard provided by Homesense, but all views my own, as always!

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