Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Buying Glasses Online? Review

It's official: I'm an online glasses convert. By that, I mean I will now probably always buy my glasses online. Why, I hear you ask? Because it saves me a shit ton, that's why!

I've had crappy eyesight since I first became a teenager and, what started as just needing to squint to look at the whiteboard, has soon become me not even been able to recognize my own boyf in the supermarket. Yep, it's bad. 
I wear my glasses pretty much full time, now. I'd like to wear contact lenses but I have a bit of an eye phobia and thought of even having to put something near my eye makes me cringe. In fact, even typing this has made me a go a bit queasy.

So, glasses it is, for the time being! My prescription has changed pretty much every time I've been for an eye check over the past six years and it's annoying because a new prescription means new glasses. Well, you could just reglaze your current frames with new lenses but, even for that, it'll set you back about £50!

And glasses don't come cheap, gals. Or guys. Now, I'm not someone who will only buy designer frames. But I don't want to buy the cheapest frames in the store and then feel like just putting up with being unable to see for the next year because I don't feel confident wearing my glasses in public. So, it takes me a bit of time to choose the right frames and, usually, I end up picking ones that are well over the £100 mark. Yes, Specsavers do two for one so you can get a pair of prescription sunnies thrown in but I also end up being conned into paying for extra thin, uv protection, super vision blah blah blah lenses and, by the time I've left the store, I'm ready to declare bankruptcy. (Okay, a tad dramatic, but you catch my drift - right?)

I've never thought about buying glasses online before until online global glasses retailer, Firmoocontacted me and asked me if I'd like to try one of their pairs out. I'll be honest here - because they were free - I thought "why not?" But I'm so glad I did because I can honestly say that, from now on, I will probably always buy glasses online. Until Specsavers dramatically reduce their prices, that is.

Picking my glasses on Firmoo took me a while but that's the beauty of shopping for glasses online. You can take ages, if you want. I've often felt pressured in opticians to make a decision quickly and have ended up picking a pair I wasn't 100% happy with. When, actually, I could have just taken my prescription and looked elsewhere. But, doing it online means that you can browse for glasses in your pyjamas at 11pm, if you so wish. 

An obvious downside is that you can't try the glasses on, there and then. But, for me, I can tell what will suit me and what won't from trying so many pairs on over the years. I also pay close attention to the measurements provided to make sure I'm not picking a pair that are way too big or way too small.

Some online glasses retailers do let you have a home trial, though, where you can pick a few frames and they will be sent to you - free of charge - to try on and decide which suits you best. You then just pop them back in the post and buy some, if you wish, or don't - you won't get charged either way. I've recently just done this with Glasses Direct and have ended up ordering some glasses from there, too.
The glasses I picked from Firmoo were these ones. I nearly always go for the tortoise shell colour/print and I also always go for big frames so these were a must! My previous glasses were more of a rectangular shape so I thought it would be nice to try a more circular frame and I'm glad I did as I actually think they suit my face much better.

Once you've added your frames to your basket, you just add in your prescription. If you don't have yours already then just pop in to your usual optician and ask for a copy! 
These glasses would have cost $19 full price (about £14) and the lenses were free unless you upgrade to a thinner lens. I didn't bother (and was apprehensive about how thick my lenses would look) but I honestly can't see a difference between my Firmoo non-thin lenses and my (supposedly) extra thin lenses from Specsavers which cost me an additional £35! 
Shipping costs do make the glasses a bit pricier as it's $18 for shipping but it's free if you spend if you spend $39 or more so it's worthwhile to just get an extra pair, really!
My glasses took just over a week to arrive and came in a hard case (with a cool, retro map print) and a cloth and mini screwdriver - which I think is a great touch as glasses can get loose so easily!

Overall, I'm really pleased with my new specs. Ideally, I would have preferred them to be slightly smaller in width, but that's down to me not properly measuring my old ones in comparison! They're not the best quality glasses around, granted, but for the cost they are more than worth it. And, considering how easy it is to break a pair of glasses, I'm happy to have a few pairs of cheaper frames than one really expensive pair!

What do you think about my new glasses? Would you buy specs online?
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