Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Current Favourites

I really like reading favourites posts and I love writing them but I just don't always have a load of new favourites to actually talk about. So, instead of making this a weekly/monthly thing, I'd much rather just do a post when I feel like I have enough to actually share. So here's a few things I've been loving at the mo...

- The Man in the High Castle
Josh and I have exhausted pretty much every series there is and we've been on the hunt for a new one to binge watch for ages now. Josh said we should have a go at this one and I'm glad we did as I'm hooked! The show is set in 1962, fifteen years after the end of WWII but - in this series - the Nazi's won and America has now been taken over by Germany and Japan. We don't know who the Man in the High Castle is but all we do know is that he's collecting videos that show alternative endings to the war (where America did win). I won't say much more but it's definitely worth a watch as it's a really interesting concept and is so addictive. Oh, and remember Travis who went out with Hanna for a bit in PLL? He's in it. 

- H&M Home
I did a wishlist a few weeks ago focused completely on H&M home as I love pretty much everything they sell. Everything's so modern and stylish yet still really affordable. Seriously, if you've never paid a visit to their home section - you need to! Although, for me, I just have to do it online as no H&M's near me actually have a home department. The cushions in the photo above are actually from there and I'm going to do a Spring homeware haul post very soon that'll show you them in a bit more detail!

- Instagram
I've become a bit lazy with blogging recently. It's not that I don't like doing it, it's just that I rarely feel like I have something to actually write about at the moment! And, due to this, I've also kind of stopped reading blogs too. But straying away from reading/writing blogs has just made me more obsessed with Instagram. I know some people hate it because they think it shows an unrealistic perception of life etc but, to be honest, I'm just all about seeing pics of tasty food. You can follow me here if you like (subtle, I know!)

- The gym
Woah, is this actually me typing? I've joined the gym before but never really stuck at it. I still don't LOVE it but I think I'm getting there. I've been going twice a week for the past month but I want to start going a lot more often - it's just finding the time as I work til quite late most days but, hey, that's life! I think a lot of the time it's mustering up the effort to actually go to the gym that's the hardest part as once my workout is over I always feel so much better. And if feeling good can go alongside attempting to get a banging bod then I'm happy with that ;)

- Quay Australia My Girl sunglasses
I actually need prescription sunglasses really because, y'know, I'm kinda blind but I still feel like I NEED these Quay Australia sunglasses in my life. I mean, they're marble, for crying out loud. I like pretty much the whole Quay Australia range - mainly because I always see Shay Mitchell flaunting around in em on Instagram but, yep, forever stalking my ASOS saved items to check if they're back in stock!

What have you been loving at the moment?

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