Monday, 28 March 2016

Cute Home Accessories Wishlist

Damn, back at it again with the home interiors wishlists. I'm obsessed! Today I'm talking about cute, quirky bits that are perfect for adding a bit of pizazz to your home...

1. Little Miss Sassy mug | Truffle Shuffle
Because this mug describes me far too well...

2. Five Drawer Jewellery Box | Oliver Bonas
So, this costs £69 so it's highly likely it will ever be purchased by me but - how pretty! I love the mixture of pastel colours - perfect for Spring.

3. Pineapple money box | New Look
What is it about pineapples? They're just so aesthetically pleasing. And I'm in need of a money box for popping loose change in instead of having a really heavy purse.

I'd probably struggle to find a photo small enough to actually fit in this, but, how adorbs?

5. Pug mugs | New Look
I'm obsessed with anything that has pugs on it. If I didn't rent my flat, a real pug would defo be on the cards. But, for now, these mugs will do.

You can also get initials too but there's something about the ampersand sign that looks really minimal and chic, in my opinion. This would be perfect for adding a bit of decoration to a a shelf.

7. Marble telephone | Oliver Bonas
Realistically, I don't even use a landline so I mean could I justify really spending £69 on a phone that would essentially be a prop? Probably not. But it's marble and oh-so-cool, right?

Told you I'm a sucker for pugs. This is just the cutest thing ever!

Where do you like to shop for cute home accessories?

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