Thursday, 17 March 2016

The Perfect Easter Morning With Homesense

I feel like Easter is one of those holidays that just sort of creeps up on you - unlike Christmas which we pretty much start planning for 3 months ahead. But although I don't look forward to Easter, as such, it's a holiday I really enjoy. I mean, what's not to love about a few days off work and a shit ton of chocolate!?

I don't actually get the full four days off work as I work in retail but I'm off Sunday-Wednesday so I'm pretty happy with that! 

Easter Sunday is the perfect day to do absolutely nothing, in my opinion, since pretty much everywhere is shut. And I'm looking forward to nothing more than having a long lie in and eating breakfast in bed, mhmmm.

I've been after a breakfast tray for ages and picked up this wooden one in Homesense for £10 which I thought was fab considering it's size and how sturdy it is.

I'll most definitely be treating myself to a hot cross bun (or two) as I absolutely love them and would happily eat them all year round!

And, of course, Easter wouldn't be easter without chocolate - would it? I'm using this egg-style bowl, emblazoned with the word 'love', to hold my Mini Eggs - which was £4.99 from Homesense. I love the pastel yellow inside and this will definitely come in handy for holding chocolate buttons, popcorn and plenty of other snacks after Easter!

As well as the homeware bits, I couldn't resist picking up some edible treats in Homesense, too! They're seriously good for food to say they're a homeware store. I usually always go for Galaxy or Dairy Milk chocolate easter eggs but thought I'd try a Green & Blacks one, because I'm all fancy and that.

Oh, and I also picked up this seriously cute chick gingerbread man. This was only £1.49 and is packaged so prettily - it makes a great Easter present and is something a little different to chocolate, after all.

What do you think of my Homesense easter finds? How will you be spending Easter Sunday morning?

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