Sunday, 24 April 2016

A Social Media Detox

I've had a bit of an unplanned social media detox over the past week or so (as you can probably tell by the fact my last blog post was Friday 15th April #badblogger). I've still been posting the odd photo to Insta and having a moan on Twitter here and there but, overall, I've been kind of distancing myself away from my phone and laptop. The outcome?

Well, I feel quite refreshed. The thing I don't like about social media is the fact that, sometimes, you get a bit wrapped up in it. Well, I definitely do anyway.

I start to think that people have perfect lives because their Instagram grid says so. I start to feel jealous of someone who I've never even met before because their sipping a cocktail out of a coconut on a beach in the Maldives whilst I'm getting piss wet through waiting for a train. But, guess what? That's life. You don't need social media to tell you that. There's always going to be someone much better off than you and, likewise, someone much worse off than you.

I also dread to think how much time I've sometimes wasted on social media doing literally nothing. Stalking peoples Instagram, watching pointless vlogs. It's fine to do this every now and again but I often feel like I've wasted an entire evening just aimlessly scrolling through my countless different feeds. Last week I decided to pick up an actual book and, guess what? I'd finished it in less than 24 hours because I got so into it. It made me feel like I'd spent my free time wisely. Like I had something to discuss and think about.

And it's because I want to read more and I want to go on random little walks more and I just want to do more in general that I often need to just turn myself away from the internet. It wastes my time and often leaves me feeling a bit shitty, to be honest. Don't get me wrong - I could never go without social media completely. I like the fact that a quick browse through Twitter and Instagram is my equivalent of flicking through a morning paper. I like the fact that if I'm looking for some home inspiration, heading over to Pinterest will give me just what I'm looking for. And I still always get a bit excited when I get a new follower on Bloglovin. But I also like how productive I am when I decide to switch off every now and again which is why a social media detox is the best kind of detox for me.

What about you? Could you benefit from a social media detox?

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