Monday, 11 April 2016

Current Favourites

Hello y'all. I thought I'd share a few of my current favourites with you on this pretty bland Monday morning because (somehow) it's been a month since I shared my last lot - this year is going ridiculously quick - I can't keep up!

1) Bloglovin
I finally hit 2k on bloglovin, yay! Last year I was all over Bloglovin - I promoted it all the time and got pretty obsessed with my stats on there. These days, I'm not really fussed. Mainly because I don't really love it as a platform as I tend to just go on peoples blogs to read their posts or find new ones through Twitter. But it's always nice to hit a milestone so thank you to everyone that has hit follow! I'm thinking of doing some kind of giveaway soon to celebrate so keep your eyes peeled for that.

2) House of Cards
In my last favourites, I told you that Josh and I had started watching 'The Man in the High Castle' - well we kind of stopped. I think we'll go back to it at some point but we don't actually have Amazon Prime so having to download episodes is a bit of a ball ache. I'd much rather have something I can watch on Netflix, since we have a SmartTV, so we decided to try out House of Cards. I must admit, the first few episodes didn't really grab me. It's a political drama so obviously there's a lot of political jargon involved and things are quite fast paced so you need to pay attention to keep up. It's not of those series you can watch with one eye whilst the other is stalking someone on Instagram, I don't think. BUT, it's so good. It's basically about a ruthless politician (played by Kevin Spacey) who fucks everyone over to get to the top. He's mean - like really mean. But also kind of funny at the same time. Would defo recommend if you're after something new to watch on Netflix!

3) Pineapple lamp
I've been obsessed with buying homeware, recently. Like, I can't even remember the last time I bought a piece of make up or an item of clothing because all I seem to buy at the moment is bits for the flat. I decided I was in urgent need of a lamp in the living room and, obviously, had to go for a pineapple style one. I got this one from M&S, if you're interested. (I will feature it in a post at some point but the living room is a bit all over the place at the mo, so bear with!)

4) Brunchin' n lunchin'
Anyone who knows me will know that I love food. I live for it. And going out for food is basically my number one hobby. Josh and I went for lunch at Zizzi with my parents, yesterday - which is one of my fave chains around. Their cheese fondue starter is just heaven on a plate, tbh. I had a meal at The Botanist in Leeds for my friends birthday last week which was b-eautiful. Would defo recommend to any Leeds ladies (or lads) out there. I had the halloumi hanging kebabs and, oh my. My sister and I treated my Mum to a birthday meal at the Slug and Lettuce - one of my favourite places for food and drink when you're on a bit of a budget. Their cocktails are 2 for 1 all the time and they even do 50% off food on a Monday - so if you ever have a Monday off work, you know what to do. And Josh and I also went to our fave spot for breakfast a few weeks ago - Bills. I'm trying to watch what I eat a bit more at the moment so breaking up the weekday healthy meals with a cheat meal out is always a sure fire way to perk me up a bit!

5) Fresh tulips
I love fresh flowers. If it was up to me, there would always be a bunch in my flat but, y'know, they die and I kind of forget to replace them sometimes. I bought some tulips from Lidl last week (for only £2 and they lasted a whole week, btw) and everyone who came round commented on how much they brighten the place up - they're such a Spring-y flower and look so pretty once they've fully bloomed. Definitely need to get my tush down to Lidl to pick up a new bunch, pronto.

What have you been loving recently?

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