Friday, 15 April 2016

Lacking Inspiration

I knew tonight I wanted to write a blog post as Josh is out for the night and, well, I have nothing else to do. I've just wasted an hour watching Dance Moms and I'm currently planning my meals out for the week on MyFitnessPal because this is how adults spend their Friday nights, people. Anyway I realised as I sat down to write a post, I just had nothing to write about.

I'm uninspired at the moment - completely. I love blogging and I love reading blogs but sometimes I can't help but think it's all been done before. Heck, even this post on lacking inspiration will have been done a hundred times before. But I just wanted to write something - even if it was, ironically, about having nothing else to write. 

I've noticed a bit of a shift in blogs lately. A good one, actually. In the sense that whilst some are still all swanky and polished, a lot of others are taking a more 'real life' approach. By this, I mean they just write what they're actually up to at the moment; what TV shows they're watching, what they had to eat for breakfast yesterday - that kinda thing. I love posts lke this. I'd rather know what someone had lunch for yesterday than what their top ten MAC lipsticks are. And I know some people will be the complete opposite. They want to read a post with a point - not some random ramble like this!

But I like the fact that a lot of blogs just seem to be doing their own thing, lately. We don't all have the same layout anymore, we're not all using the same marble flatlay with some fake flowers in the corner (although I do still rely on this photo backdrop a lot, to be fair.) It's just nice to see people just writing what they want and it's even nicer to see that people do read this kinda thing. 

When I started this blog I used to do beauty reviews but I literally couldn't ever see myself doing one again. I love reading them but I just can't write them. And that's cool. I used to feel like my posts had to have a purpose and I was always scared of them being repetitive. So I'd do a beauty one, then a fashion one, then a lifestyle one and repeat. But I realised I hated writing about make up and I can't, for the life in me, take outfit shots without pissing myself laughing. It just isn't me!

I want to try and come up with content that excites people but, at the same time, I'm happy to just write chatty posts like this which, yes, aren't exactly memorable and are hardly likely to go 'viral' but it just gives me a chance to tell you what's on my mind. I don't want to worry about coming up with something that is unique and original or spend hours taking photographs because, quite simply, I don't enjoy that. I bought a bridge camera last year and I'm really glad I did as I love having a decent camera but half of my blog photos lately have come from my iPhone. They didn't take me hours to take or edit - they're just snaps I've taken whilst lounging around the house and I've given a little touch up on VSCO cam. 

What's important to me is that I enjoy blogging. If it becomes a chore, I'm not interested. Which is why I often have a bit of break in posting these days because my blog is a hobby and if I have to force myself to write a post then I just won't - because I know it will be a half-hearted attempt. 

Here's hoping I get a sudden wave of inspiration soon but, for the time being, sporadic posts will keep coming your way as and when I think of something that won't bore you to death!

Are any of you feeling uninspired lately? Any tips on getting inspired?

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