Thursday, 7 April 2016

Spring/Summer Goals

Okay, so we're well into Spring now so this post is seriously overdue - which is why I've decided to extend the title to 'Spring/Summer' goals. I feel like when the new year kicks in we often set ourselves so many different goals and challenges, that we sort of make it impossible to achieve them all...

 The fact that the first few months of the year tend to be dark, dull and dreary doesn't help either. Now Spring has started I feel like I have a lot more motivation than I did at the beginning of the year. Maybe it's because the days feel far longer due to the lighter evenings (which will only get lighter for longer, yay!) or the fact I no longer have to wear five layers before leaving the house. Although, it's definitely still coat weather at the moment *sigh*.

Either way, now Spring has begun, I've decided to set myself a few little goals that will seem much more achievable now I don't feel so blerghhhh all the time...

I said, at the beginning of the year, I wanted to read 25 books this year. Want to know how many I've read so far? ONE. I know, I fail. But instead of having a set number of books to read, I just want to read, well, more! I hate how much time I waste aimlessly browsing Instagram and Twitter when I could be curled up with a good book, instead. I absolutely love reading - it's just finding the time to sit and get stuck into a book without any other distractions - that often stands in my way. 

Because we're finally getting to that point in the year where I can wear items other than jumpers, yay! I don't have a big wardrobe at all so, at the moment, all that's in there is wintery stuff whilst all my summery stuff is tucked under my bed in a box. So I want to have a good clear out, sell some old clothes and only have stuff I like in my wardrobe. This means I'll probably treat myself to a few new bits, too...

I'm supposed to be starting teacher training in September but, in order to do this, I need to pass my professional skills tests in numeracy and literacy. I've been putting them off FOREVER but it's time, now, to get my head down and start revising. Maths isn't my strong point at all but I know I need to just dedicate some time to it in order for things to start making sense again! It's been over six years since I took my GCSE's (and since I actually worked out anything mathematical without a calculator) so it's not a surprise that my numeracy skills aren't up to scratch, really!

I'm actually really good at saving when I want to be but, unfortunately, I'm also really good at spending. I need to start being much more careful with what I buy because I'm determined to have enough for a deposit on a house within the next two years! I just need to be stricter with myself and only buy things I actually need rather than just thinking YOLO and buying everything in my ASOS saved items...

I feel like I'm constantly watching what I eat, at the moment, and it's so hard because I LOVE FOOD. I've realised that in order to feed my extremely huge appetite, I just need to exercise way more. I have a gym membership - there's no excuse. I'm just lazy! Whether it's going to the gym or even just going on a leisurely stroll, on a Sunday, I basically just need to get off my arse and stretch my legs way more than I have been over the past few months! I'd much rather enjoy what I eat (in moderation, obviously) and burn it off by exercising than feel like I have to restrict what I eat because I don't do any exercise.

That being said, I still want to watch what I eat to some extent. I don't eat unhealthily at all, really. I make most of my meals from scratch and eat a lot of fruit/veggies but my major downfall? Snacking. I'm so guilty of eating a balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner but then ruin it all by gorging on a shit ton of chocolate, come 9pm. Because Easter may be over but Boots are still selling golden eggs for 32p a bag so, come on, how can I resist? I just want to make sure my body likes what I'm putting into it. I hate that feeling of being bloated after eating a load of fatty food. The odd binge is fine but I definitely need to curb the late night snacking that seems to be a daily occurance, at the moment!

Have you set yourself any new goals now we're well into the new season?

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