Sunday, 1 May 2016

Current Favourites

Hey huns. Can you actually believe it's May already? The fact I'm still wearing my winter coat is making it 10x harder to believe tbh. I mean, come on England, sort your shit out. On a cheerier note, here's some of my current faves...

1) Vanilla bean macchiatos
Ergh, I know. I'm basic white girl af but, whatevs. Getting a Starbs is always something I look forward to and I'm aware that's sad but everyone has their pleasures - this is mine, lols. Anyway I usually just stick to my trusty vanilla soy lattes but I hit my 15 star reward the other day and knew I had to treat myself to something a lil more luxurious (because it's free, duh.) So I went for one of the new (I think they're new-ish anyway?) macchiatos - they do a vanilla bean and honey blossom but the latter sounded a bit too out there for my liking. Anyway, vanilla bean macchiatos are the one. My new fave Starbucks drink. The kinda drink that makes me go 'mmm' out loud and feel all warm and cosy inside. As I write this I'm legit drooling so think I might have to go out and get one shortly...

2) Dance Moms
Gosh this show is good. Bad, but good. I just love it. I love how bitchy Abby Lee Miller is (the owner of the dance company) and I love watching all the gals dance and wishing I was as cool as Maddie Ziegler who is only 13 (wtf?!)

3) Graze boxes
I can remember when Graze boxes first came out and I got my first one free and then just cancelled my subscription because I was like "I can just buy a big bar of chocolate for cheaper". Oh how I wish I still had the teenage bod that could consume a family sized bar of Galaxy 3 times a week! Nowadays, I'm all about trying to eat good food. I've developed intolerances as I've got older which is shit but it's also meant that I'm a lot more careful about what I actually put into my body. I'd rather eat stuff that will nourish me and not make me look like I'm 6 months pregnant after. I'm trying to avoid dairy as much as possible at the moment because it seems to be the thing that's giving me stomach cramps and making me bloated so I love the fact Graze let you straight up rule out things that include milk. I also just get really excited about opening my box each fortnight. I liked everything that came in my first box so I hope the rest are just as good - the brownie is my fave so far. It's SO good and only 110 kcals - win!

4) MyFitnessPal
I've become obsessed with MyFitnessPal recently. For anyone trying to keep a track of what they eat - this is the app for you. And, it's free! I'm not really trying to lose weight at the moment, I'm just trying to be healthier so I find that recording everything I eat on this app helps me stay on track. It's basically got the nutritional information of thousands of different foods - you can either type it on or scan the barcode and information like the amount of calories, grams of protein etc will just pop up. Then you can keep a track of how many calories you've eaten that day and what percentage was protein/carbohydrates/fat etc. I don't really like counting calories as I find it can result to poor food choices - like skipping breakfast so you can save the calories for a bigger lunch. I'm not about that life. For me, it's just so I've got an idea of what I'm actually throwing into my belly. If I have a day where I eat shit loads, I'll just make up for it the following day. It also counts your steps if you want it to which is handy. I'm thinking of getting a fitbit soon, though, because I can't have my phone on me at work so the step counter misses out a big proportion of my day when I'm on my feet constantly. If anyone has one - let me know your thoughts on them in the comments?

5) Dry shampoo
I've now got into a fabulously lazy routine of only needing to wash my hair twice (or sometimes once, if I'm feeling super lazy) a week. And that's all thanks to my main boo, Batiste. I never used to be a fan of dry shampoo but now I can't get enough of the stuff - anything that gives me extra time in bed is a friend of mine.

What have you been loving recently?

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