Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Trying (& Failing) To Be Original In A Sea Of Bloggers

You know what? I've probably already wrote a post like this before on this blog - so that already makes this post completely UN-original, whoops. But, let's be honest, is it even possible to write completely original blog content nowadays? I doubt it.

But, to be honest, I don't actually think 'being original' matters so much anymore. I mean, obvs don't go and regurgitate another bloggers post - that's not cool. But don't feel like you can't write about something because someone else has already done something similar. I've felt like that before but I've realised that there's just TOO many blogs out there to even attempt to be completely original. And, to be honest, I often like to read similar posts but from different people - like, if I'm interested in a particular foundation, I won't just take one bloggers word for it. I'd rather get a few different opinions before I actually decide if to buy or not. So the fact 10 different bloggers may have uploaded a post about the same foundation would actually be kinda helpful.

List posts. There's something that I love to post but, again, I feel like they've been done over and over again. But, then, does this matter? One of my favourite posts, to date, was 14 reasons I'm crap at being an adult. I'll hold my hand up now and admit that I actually got this idea from a Buzzfeed post. It wasn't identical - but something along the lines of why they sucked at adulting which made me think 'hey, me too!' and so that post was born.

I don't think there's anything wrong with this. There's a difference between copying and being inspired and, personally, if one of my posts inspired another blogger to write their own post, I'd be pretty chuffed! 

This whole 'lacking originality' thing is kind of the reason behind why I've become such a shit blogger, of late. I just suddenly felt like every single idea I came up with had already been done - and done better than I could ever do it justice, so why bother? I even tweeted something a couple of weeks ago that I thought was pretty funny and someone commented "Lily Pebbles just tweeted the exact same thing" - I don't even follow her so had no idea but all of a sudden felt like a complete loser who had copied a 'big bloggers' tweet.

Then I realised how stupid this was. OF COURSE you are going to find yourself tweeting/blogging/instagramming the same thing as someone else. With the blogosphere (and just internet content in general) constantly growing day by day, being completely original is hard. Like, really hard. You're going to review something someone else has, your layout will probably be identical to about 5 other peoples and even your quirky rambly lifestyle post will probably have been written before. Deal with it. Don't feel disheartened that you weren't the first person to come up with it. Chances are, the other persons post was probably inspired by somebody else too.

We all need inspiration, at the end of the day. Why not be each others?

Personally, I want to stop getting bogged down by trying to come up with something new, something that hasn't been done before and something different. Because I'm struggling. I want to just write what I want, write what pops into my head and write about things that excite me and I'm passionate about - and if it just so happens that someone else has done something similar, then so be it.

Let me know your thoughts on this? Would you be annoyed if you saw someone write something similar to you? Do you ever get inspiration from other blog posts and worry it'll look like you're copying? Hit me up in the comments, gals.

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