Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Current Favourites

Hello pals. Hope you're all doing fine and dandy. It's been a lil while since I talked about some of the things I'm loving recently so I thought I'd do a current favourites...

Home Bargains mug

So, how lovely is this mug? Well, I've kinda given it away with the little bold title above but it was from Home Bargains and it cost £1.29. Yep. Not bad, huh? I mean, no, I definitely didn't need another mug. But how could I resist this cutie for such a cheap price?! I've got mugs and various other bits of homeware from Home Bargains before for ridiculously low prices as well - although they don't have a huge section dedicated to homeware it's always worth popping in for a look. Plus, everything they sell is just so insanely cheap that it's highly unlikely that you'll ever leave with nothing...

Stranger Things

You all know I love a good series and I've been absolutely LOVING Netflix's new eighties-style show Stranger Things. So much so, that I finished it in 2 days! There's only 8 episodes so it's pretty easy to binge watch (and you'll want to cos it's really gripping). It's not really like anything I've watched before. A boy goes missing and his family and friends are convinced he's not far away and his start to suspect his disappearance could be something to do with the government - and have some supernatural elements to it. I don't really want to say much about it - so just watch it! 

Pretty Little Liars

Oh look, another series. I should probs get a life at some point, yeah? But I had to include PLL in this little round up because I'm just so happy about how GOOD it seems to have got all of a sudden! I binge watched the first five seasons of PLL last year in about a month and literally became obsessed with it. Then, season 6 happened. And the A reveal was just a big fat NO, in my opinion.


Personally, I'm still convinced A is Wren but, whatevs. Anyways, the beginning of season 7 bored me to tears because do I really care who actually killed Charlotte? No. Buuuuut, the past few episodes have actually got me interested. I want to know who Ali's husband actually is and what his game is. Surely he has more links to the liars than just wanting to avenge Charlotte's death? I'm convinced he's Wren's brother! I also want to know what Jenna has to do with everything and I basically just want all the loose ends that were never answered at the end of season 6 to finally be tied up! Let me know your thoughts if you're a fan :)

Sundara Karma

I don't really talk about music much on my blog because, although I listen to music pretty much every day on my commute to work and back, I'm not someone who's hugely passionate about it. I just listen to what I like! But I'm really loving Sundara Karma at the mo. They're one of those bands who just don't seem to have a bad song. I can actually listen to their album on shuffle and won't find myself skipping any tracks. My favourite song by them is probably 'Flame' or 'A Young Understanding'. I've only just recently discovered them so am really looking forward to hearing more by them in the future. 

Lush Cup O' Coffee face mask

The only other Lush face mask I've ever actually bought before is Mask of Magnaminty (which I love!) so when I went to London, the other weekend, I decided to treat myself to a few new bits from the Oxford Street store - and a new face mask was at the top of my list. Firstly, ohmyactualgod at that store. It is huge! THREE FLOORS of Lush! I couldn't quite believe it. I actually felt a bit overwhelmed, to be honest, as there was just so much choice (and it was ridiculously busy!) but I ended up getting a few bits.  After umming and ahhing over which face mask to go for, I settled on the Cup O' Coffee one - mainly because I just really like the smell of coffee and it felt like it would be really exfoliating. I have to say, it does smell really strong - so if you don't like the smell of coffee then this is definitely a no-go. But as I'm a self proclaimed coffee lover, this face mask was right up my street. I love the strong scent and I like how gritty it feels on your skin - like it's really getting to work at stripping away all the bad bits! My face felt so clean and soft after using it - and the fact it's brown and smells of coffee seems to mean its not too 'girly' for my boyfriend to use either...

What have you been loving recently!?

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