Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Long Time, No Blog

Today marks two weeks since I last did a blog post and it makes me kinda sad. My blog used to literally be my life. I thought about what I'd blog, whilst at work, driving to work, before I fell asleep etc. I was constantly taking photos 'for the blog', buying cute 'props' that would look good in the background of a flatlay and took part in pretty much every blog chat going!

So, what's changed? In all honesty, I don't really know. I can't really pinpoint an exact moment when I just decided I wasn't all that fussed about blogging anymore. I still have points, like today, where I suddenly think 'LET'S WRITE A POST', but nowhere near as often as I used to.

It's not like I just decided to have an internet detox or something, either. I'm literally ALWAYS on my phone; aimlessly browsing through Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat. And I'm obsessed with making my insta grid look as 'goals' as possible (did I really just say that, ha.)?

But, when it comes to actually blogging - I'm at a bit of a blank! I kind of feel like everything has been 'done'. And I often wonder how much people even read blogs anymore. Because I know my reading habits have changed. I used to read a variety of blogs pretty much daily and, if I'm being honest, I very rarely check on even my once favourite blogs, anymore! But it's not because I don't like the bloggers - I'll still obsessively follow them on every social media platform going - I'm just not bothered about actually reading their blogs. Is anyone else in the same boat? I don't really know what the reasoning for it is, either, because I love to read (when I have the time) but it's almost as if we live our lives so fast-paced that it's much easier to see what someones up to by clicking on their Snapchat story than it is to sit down and read a post, word for word.

Maybe that's why 'vloggers' are on the rise, so much because watching a vlog doesn't really require a great deal of attention from the viewer. You can whack a vlog on in the background whilst you clean, eat, do your work etc. but don't actually have to sit and focus on it, like you do with a written post.
I'd like to think my attitude towards blogging (and reading blogs) will change soon because this blog was once a huge part of my life and it's sad that I've sort of distanced myself from it for no real reason, at all.
But, as I've always said, I would hate to force posts just for the sake of it. Blogging is a hobby of mine and I want it to stay that way. As certain aspects of my life have changed, blogging has kind of taken a back seat. I felt like I kind of needed my blog, before, to sort of cope. Now, I've become happier in myself and my life, in general, it's almost as if I no longer need my blog. But I don't want to view it that way - it doesn't need to be a coping mechanism (even if it once was), it can (and should) just be a fun little place for me to share my thoughts.

Anyone else sort of lost their passion for blogging, these days?
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