Tuesday, 6 September 2016

A Friendly Reminder That Life Is Too Short

Bit of a seemingly soppy, stereotypical post from me today, guys, I guess but I kind of felt like I need to hear this. And maybe some of you do, too...

Last week, our family lost someone and although we weren't necessarily close - it has put things into perspective, massively. To be honest, it's awful that it should take something like this for me (or anyone) to realise that life really is too short. Anything can happen at any point which is why it's so important to do your best to just be happy. Do a job that pays you less if you want more time to spend with your family, change that uni course that is making you tear your hair out, ditch toxic friendships that you don't need. You get the drill.

I'd rather know that I've spent my time with loved ones, doing things that make me smile. Maybe that means I might be deemed as 'unsuccessful' by others for not having found the right career path yet, or a 'failure' for not necessarily sticking to what I may have originally envisioned my life to be like. But, seriously, why does it matter? 

What other people think is a massive thing for me and always has been. But I'm learning to push past that. It's getting past myself that's the hardest part as I'm so overly critical of myself and it can be difficult to accept that I haven't necessarily taken the paths I originally planned or pushed myself as hard as I could - but sometimes you just need to take a step in a different direction for your own well being.

Sorry for such a cryptic post but I hope it's maybe given a bit of support to anyone that's in a similar boat. Stressing about things that might seem like the most important thing ever (but that can actually easily be taken away) is, in the grand scheme of things, pointless. Focus on the things that you can look back on and think "I'm glad I did that."

I know I'm going to be trying my best to do that, from now on.

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