Wednesday, 7 September 2016

A Recipe For Relaxation

As much as I like to keep myself busy, you can't beat a super chilled out, relaxing day that makes you feel all happy inside. Here's my recipe for achieving the ultimate day of relaxation...
Adult colouring books are a genius idea. Because I guess you'd look a bit of a weirdo doodling in a peppa pig sketch book, wouldn't you? Instead they're filled with calming pictures - like the one above - and although it can take a bit of getting used to (like why the fuck am I colouring in when I should be doing adult stuff like making a spag bol or paying a leccy bill or sumat?), it's seriously relaxing once you've got started. Plus, a lot of the pictures are quite complex so it can take you a good hour or so to get one finished - and, if you're like me, you'll feel a strong sense of satisfaction once you've completed one!
I mean as if I needed another excuse to buy more candles (seriously, I'm obsessed) but having a shit ton of candles burning can create such a peaceful atmosphere. I haven't really been lighting any during summer, but now the nights are starting to get darker a lot quicker, and the days will soon start to be pretty darn gloomy, it's the perfect time of year to have a load lit. Although you might need a light on, as well, to make sure you stay in the lines whilst colouring!
Get some pampering done. Whack some coconut oil in your hair, and pop on a soothing face mask, whilst you sit snuggled on the sofa shading in some balloons in your adult colouring book with a load of vanilla candles burning, around you. Does it get anymore blissful? I like to leave coconut oil in my hair overnight - it makes your barnet look greasy AF but the results are worth it - trust! Just make sure you remember to wash it out before going anywhere. My face mask of choice at the mo is the Lush Cup O' Coffee cos gal gotta her caffeine fix one way or another, right?
Grab a super snuggly blanket, or hey, go wild and bring your duvet to the sofa. OR JUST STAY IN BED. Wear pyjamas all day, go make up free and have your hair in a bun. This isn't a day for making an effort - its for being comfy and cosy and not having to worry about wiping off your eyebrow if you get a bit sweaty, lols.
Me? I'd probably re-watch PLL. Or Gossip Girl. Or maybe even Dinner Date if I can't be arsed to put on Netflix. I mean, yeah it's probably not the most productive thing ever to binge watch the first season of Pretty Little Liars and cry over how young they all were (and you were too, sob) but IT'S FUN. And it'll chill you out and make you forget about actual real life. If you're not into TV shows then a feel good film or a nice little chick lit to flick through!

What else are your must-haves for a chiller day?

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