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Autumn Staycation Inspiration

So, that's it. Summer is officially over; shops don't sell swimwear anymore, there's no pressure to get dat 'bikini bod' and we're all actually kind of excited about the prospect of being able to get straight home from work, slip into our cosiest pyjamas and binge watch a series because, hey, it's dark and cold outside so we can't be judged, right? Well, I know I am anyway. But I still do get that little urge to go and explore. Not the same exploring as in Summer where all I care about is sun, sand and cocktails but there's still a part of me that wants to visit new places, get some fresh air but not spend a fortune because, guess what, it'll be Christmas in about 3 minutes(!) ....

That's why Staycations are a safe bet in Autumn. If you're not down with the kids and don't know what that means, well it's basically just a vacay (anyone else really wish Brits said this instead of holiday too!?) in your own country. In Summer, I feel like a foreign, hot holiday is an essential and I really enjoy saving up throughout the rest of the year in anticipation for it. But once it gets to Autumn, I'm not really bothered about sun. I love the cold but not freezing weather, being able to wear big cosy jumpers, not feeling sweaty on public transport and hearing the leaves crunch as you walk through them. Which is why I'd rather go for a break in the UK. Where the weather may not be glorious but you can see some pretty beautiful sights, burn a few kcals doing a spot of walking and just generally get away from everyday life without even having to step foot in the airport.

Last year, around this time, Josh and I decided to go to the Lake District for a few days and, to say I wasn't completely convinced about the idea, I absolutely loved it. We literally had no phone signal for 2 days straight so just spent the entire time climbing mountains, exploring cute little villages and actually enjoying time with each other - rather than just staring at a screen! 

The only thing I wasn't totally happy about was our choice to camp. Josh loves camping but it's not really my cup of tea. To be fair, we even compromised and stayed in a cute little wooden 'pod' which meant we were dry and warm but could still be crawled on by a spider and the only electricity we had was a kettle. (I did a lil blog post about it all here if you're interested!) It wasn't bad as I was expecting and I would recommend it if you want a cheap weekend away but I think, this year, I'd much rather stay in a hotel and be able to embrace the great outdoors during the day but still be able to enjoy a few luxuries, come night time!

The Lakes are one of my favourite places to go in the UK as, although it's only a couple of hours drive away from where I actually live, it really does feel like you've stepped into an entirely different place! As you edge closer, you're just completely surrounded by mountains and greenery - it's a pretty spectacular sight! I love how you can just spend hours and hours walking, each day, completely interrupted and in awe of your surroundings. 

Classic British Hotels have a great blog post up, at the moment, on the top 10 walking weekend breaks in the UK - of course, the Lake District is on there but there's also 9 other places around the UK listed too so there should be somewhere that's not too far away, from you! They've included a handy little key so you know exactly how long the walk would take you and what scenery you'd expect to see. Plus, there's recommendations of where to stay whilst on your escape, too, if you're in need of a bit of inspiration. It's definitely given me a few ideas for future getaways!

We're leaning towards visiting the Lakes again this year, but a slightly different area than before, as we enjoyed it so much last time. The 5.5 mile Windermere West Shore Walk sounds perfect for us and The Lindeth Howe Hotel looks absolutely gorgeous - they even have The White Company toiletries in the bathrooms(!) - definitely Pinterest-worthy! Plus, we really want to scale another mountain - last time we did Skiddaw but it was such a cloudy day that we couldn't enjoy the view from the top which meant no photos - imagine climbing a mountain and not getting proof you got to the top - first world problems, eh?

Are you thinking or a Staycation this Autumn? Where would be number 1 on your list to go?

*This post was is in collaboration with Classic British Hotels but all views, and words, are my own, as always!

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