Thursday, 29 September 2016

Current Favourites

Hey hun's! How's your Thursday treating ya? I'm having a bit of a lazy day off today so, to be honest, the only thing I've achieved so far today is an argument with Kirstie Allsopp about that tweet. Oh, the joys of Twitter! Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the things I've been loving lately...

Dance Moms
Right, I've included this before, I know. But, literally, I am so obsessed with this show. I'd always watched the odd episode before because my little sis has watched it since it started but it's only recently I've properly got into it. Now, I must admit, I don't love the new episodes as much. I just feel like there's less drama and sass. I'm all about the original gang (plus Kendall, ofc) and they currently show all those episodes on 5* at 7pm every day. If you just want to watch trashy TV with some good dancing skills thrown in, then this is for you!

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask
I've honestly had this face mask on my 'to buy' list for about a year now as I always see bloggers singing it's praises. So I was seriously over the moon when I was gifted one a couple of weeks ago! I'm going to talk about it a bit more in a skincare post coming up over the next few days but I just love it. It's such a light yet luxurious face mask that leaves my skin feeling so smooth and soft and it smells beauts. Infact, I might just go some on right now! (It's on offer here right now, btw babes).

Krispy Kreme Maple Crunch
Oh, Krispy Kreme, my one true bae. When a store opened up near me a couple of years ago, I can remember been ridiculously excited and going to the drive thru for a dozen (or two) became a bit of a too regular habit. Much to the delight of my waistline and bank account, of course. I've cut down on them now, though, and only go when I really want to treat myself. I'm pretty dull when it comes to my choices, to be fair, and usually always go for original glazed (or caramel glazed if they have one) because I know they won't let me down. But I really liked the look of the new maple crunch and, boy, I wasn't let down. It's similar to caramel iced, tbh, but just more maple syrup-y, obvs with a bit of crunch and it's gold! It's worth the extra 40p, I tell ya.

I'm back into blogging again and I bloody love it. I've started posting more regularly, promoting posts, chatting with other bloggers again etc and it's paying off. I'm finally getting better stats (not that that's everything, as I mentioned here) but it is a good boost! And I've had a few new brand collaborations which I'm really pleased about. Plus, blogging in general just makes me feel a lot happier, overall. Here's hoping this streak carries on!

The arrival of Autumn
Soz for being such a cliche but I'm just so happy Autumn is here. I'm just not a fan of the British summer, tbh. Gimme hot chocolates, big jumpers, dark nights and crunchy leaves now plzz. I'm really excited to buy all the new cosy clothes, start making more homey meals and have a lot of nights in snuggled on the sofa!

What have you been loving lately?

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