Monday, 12 September 2016

Five Things That Have Made Me Smile Recently

Hey babes, so here's a new, shall we say - series?, I'm gonna try over here on Bethany Georgina. Tbh, it's probably more for myself than anything but I always like to read these kinda posts so hopefully you guys will too...

I've been feeling a bit down in the dumps over the past week. You know when you just get in that mood where you sit questioning life and forget to remember that, in reality, you're not doing any good by just overthinking everything and, instead of focusing on what's right, you just aimlessly focus on everything that could be made better. It's frustrating. So I thought, whenever I'm feeling a bit meh, I'll compile a little list of things that have made me happy recently to try and cheer myself up and get a bitta blog content at the same time (two birds, one stone and all that)...

1) The extended summer
Although I am excited for crunchy leaves, PSL's, ankle boots, chunky knits and all the rest of it that comes with Autumn, I am quite happy to see that the last stretch of Summer is turning out to be, well, more summery than it's been at times in the past few months. The past few days have been that perfect temperature where it's warm enough to forgo a jacket, but not too hot that you turn into a sweaty, slimy mess. We'll only be complaining when it gets to the point where it's dark when you leave the house and dark when you return so we may as well make the most of the last of the lighter days!

2) Great British Bake Off
I mean, what's not to love? Mel & Sue are just comedy gold, the way Paul Hollywood makes the contestants feel like their worlds about to end for not proofing twice, the way Mary Berry says 'layers', the fact that it's an entire show purely about baking. You can't watch this show and feel down, in  my opinion. I just love it! 

3) The return of the PSL
So, yeah, I know I just said that I'm liking the last of the summer and I classed a PSL as being part of Autumn - and it's not Autumn yet. Despite the many, many tweets I saw on the 1st September welcoming the new season! C'mon guys, a quick google will tell you it's not til the 22nd! Anyway, just as I was writing this post, I noticed a new email from good ol' Starbucks letting me know that they're offering 50% off pumpkin spice latte's today! How can the basic white gal in me resist that!? I know where I'll be going on my break...

4) Enjoying blogging again!
I've done so many negative nancy posts, lately, about blogging that it's about time I started to perk up a bit! For the past year, I haven't enjoyed blogging like I used to. I don't even know why, I just totally lost my interest with it. And it is annoying because, obviously, my stats are horrendous and I've lost followers etc. And I can't complain about that because why would you follow someone who only posts once a week and, when they do, it's a half-assed moany post about why they don't blog? But, guys... I think I'm back in the game. I'm finally starting to look forward to sitting down, with a cuppa, writing a post and I'm even starting to randomly think about ideas for a post whilst on the train, or in bed, like I used to. I hope this little spurt of enthusiasm is here to stay, I really do, because this blog is something I'm so proud of and I want to make it bigger and better.

5) Baby Daddy
Guys, guys - I've discovered a new show that isn't on Netflix. Well, I don't think it is anyway. I watch it on e4. Which is pretty unheard of for me. The only things I really watch on actual TV these days is GBBO, re-runs of Big Bang Theory and maybe the cheesy daytime show (can't beat a bit of Dinner Date, can you?!) I usually just tend to watch series on Netflix, instead or Youtube. But I've really got into Baby Daddy, this week, on e4. I'm not like fangirl obsessed with it or anything like that but it's just a nice little show to have on when I want a break from my laptop and don't want to rewatch Gossip Girl and feel down because I'm not Blair Waldorf. It's basically about a single Dad, who literally gets left a baby on his doorstep, and how he copes with fatherhood with his friends and family. Sounds a bit shit, I know, but give it a go - it's pretty funny!

Let me know a few things that have made you happy recently?
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