Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Current Favourites

Hey guys, happy hump day! I don't know about you guys, but I'm basically just sat here eagerly anticipating the Bake Off final tonight. Anyways, I thought I'd share with you some of the things I'm loving at the mo. Sorry things have been a bit quiet on the old blog front - just been one of those 'lacking inspiration' weeks, I think! Here goes...

1) Black Mirror season 3
All I can remember from previous Black Mirror episodes is the bit where the prime minister has to have sex with a pig to save a kidnapped princess. Yep, pretty fucked up. So, obviously I was expecting the latest season (which is now been shown on Netflix so you can binge watch all 6 eps in a day, like me yay!) to follow suit. Good news - none of them involve bestiality. Which is always nice. But they do all have the same satirical, dystopian theme where you genuinely could envision some of the things, however bizarre, actually happening in years to come. My favourite episode of the 6 has to be 'San Junipero'. Unlike all the others, this actually has a romantic element to it and although it does still have a futuristic side to it, it's really different to any of the other episodes. I loved it. And I've had Belinda Carlisle - Heaven is a Place on Earth firmly stuck in my head ever since.

2) Neals Yard X Deliciously Ella

I've always been a fan of Deliciously Ella so I was excited to try out some products from her collaboration with Neals Yard Remedies. I love how expensive these products feel - they're in blue glass bottles with black pumps and just look fab. At first, I wasn't sold on the scent. It's a blend between rose, lime and cucumber and it is quite rich. And maybe a bit medicinal. But I've been using the facial wash* for the past few weeks, on a morning, now and it does leave my skin feeling really refreshed. I also don't think £16 is a bad price for the amount you get, either! The moisturiser* is really good at clearing up dry patches, too. I haven't been using it all over my face - as the scent is a bit too overpowering and I just don't want it to break out - but it's really helped at clearing up stubborn dry patches, thanks to the colder weather.

3) Next Milan Diffuser
I've gone a bit mad with the old homeware purchases, lately. I swear I'm just constantly buying random bits and faffing about with how they should be placed in the flat! Anyway, my fave recent homeware buy HAS to be this Next diffuser in the 'Milan' scent. I'd been sniffing this diffuser during pretty much every visit to Next for the past year but finally decided to actually buy it, the other day. Honestly, it smells so good. I've had it in my living room for the past week and every time I walk in I get a whiff of it. It has a floral scent that's not too overpowering at all and I just really love the look of these diffusers - the black reeds look so much classier than the standard light wooden ones you tend to get! Next, you done good.

4) A Smart TV for the bedroom
So, Josh and I made a bit of an impulse, and probably slightly unnecessary, purchase - a second smart TV. We already have one in the living room but, being the Netflix addict that I am, I wanted one in the bedroom so I can watch it in bed whilst Josh plays FIFA. Modern couple problems, I know. I already know this was a ridiculously good decision. Probably not for my productivity but, hey, gal gotta get her Gossip Girl fix, right? 

5) Tetleys Mango & Passionfruit Green Tea
I'm absolutely loving flavoured green tea, at the moment. I kind of went off it last year when I drank waaay too much of the Twinings Gingerbread one  but I've been trying a few different kinds and I think fruity teas are the one for me. I really love the T Plus range but, when I don't have a supply of that at hand. this Tetleys range is a good substitute. It's only £1 for 20 teabags at the mo, too.
What have you been loving lately?

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