Monday, 28 November 2016

Current Favourites

Usually I start these posts by saying how quick time seems to be going but I actually think this month has gone kinda slow - does anyone else!? I'll be happy to see the back of November, to be honest, as it's been cold, dull and a bit boring but here's some of the things that I have been loving over the past month...

1) Toffee nut lattes
Ah, my one true love. Usually I buy one of these badboys as soon as they become available at Starbucks but I actually only had my first one last week! Unfortunately, my first festive drink of the season did let me down a tad as it was half filled. You know when the barista tries to disguise the fact they've not made enough drink by topping it up with a shit ton of cream - I see through your lies. (Of course I still made sure I instagrammed my red cup, though!) Buuut, I've since had two more this week and both were made fabulously and reminded me why I love them so much. So sweet, so many calories but so heavenly.

2) Antipodes Manuka Honey Skincare
I've been a fan of the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey face mask for a while now so when I got sent two new skincare bits from the same range, I was very excited to try them out! The skin-brightening light day cream* and eye cream* did not disappoint. Both have the same silky, lightweight texture that the mask has and sink into your skin like a dream. I feel like my under eye area has brightened up a lot, too, since using the eye cream. The only thing I'd prefer is if the honey scent was a little stronger as Antipodes products do tend to have a bit of a herbal, clinical scent but I appreciate this is just due to the natural ingredients they use.

3) Black Friday sales
As a retail worker, I should hate black friday. And I do hate working it. But I have to admit that the sales this year were pretty decent! As much as some people were moaning about the fact it should just be one day, I was personally happy about the fact the sales were spread out over the whole week as it meant that people weren't all rushing out for bargains on the exact same day. I picked up a few bits from Anthropologie (which I can't really share as they're prezzies!), some new clothes from New Look and a dreamy new Oasis bag from ASOS! 20% off at ASOS is always a good way to put a smile on my face, tbh.

4) Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them
I'm not the biggest Harry Potter fan ever but I've visited the studio tour twice now and have probably seen each film at least 5/6 times. I love how you can sort of escape reality when you watch the films and enter into a whole new exciting world and there's just something sort of nostalgic about them as it's a franchise a lot of us grew up with. So, obviously I knew I had to see the newest film set in the wizarding world. We went on a Tuesday (cos cinema tickets are way too expensive not to make the most of two for one) and ended up having to kill time for 3 hours because the first two showings that evening had sold out. It was cool, though, as we had a tasty TGI's. It was defo worth the wait as I really enjoyed this film. I'm not sure if I liked it as much as Harry Potter but it felt good to re-enter the wizarding world and meet a whole host of new characters. I'm really looking forward to finding out what the next four films are going to be about!

5) The dressing gown of dreams
Up until recently, I'd had the same dressing gown for about 3 years. It was nice and snuggly when I bought it but a few too many washes has made it lose it's cosiness. So I decided to invest in a new one. I went for this beauty from Next as I had a £20 voucher so it only cost me a mere £6. I can confirm it's potentially the cosiest dressing gown ever. It has a hood which I often find some dressing gowns lack - sometimes I want to cover my head too, y'know. And it's just unbelievably soft and I wish I could wear it out of the house, tbh. Buy it here - you won't regret it, trust.

6) The countdown to Christmas
Last year I was a bit of a scrooge - I didn't even put up any Christmas decorations! This year, I'm really enjoying the countdown to Christmas and I've already been raiding my local Homesense picking up bits and bats to help make the flat a bit more festive, come December. I'm not sure if'we're going to actually put a tree up as we've not got much space but I'm definitely thinking of getting a lil artificial one to go alongside all the other Christmassy stuff I've picked up! I've also started buying Christmas food & plan on doing a big food/drink shop just before the big day so I can indulge in all the cheese and chocolate and basically eat like a king in the last week of December. 

What are you loving at the moment?

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