Thursday, 3 November 2016

Six TV Shows I'm Currently Watching...

It's Autumn, it's cold, the clocks have gone back. That means evenings are made for getting cosy on the sofa (or in bed), hot drink in hand, pyjamas on with something good to watch on the telly. Here's some of the shows I've been getting into at the mo that are definitely worth a watch...

Gossip Girl
I've just finished re-watching Gossip Girl for the second time and I'm so sad about it. I really love this show - it's probably one of my favourite ever series. There's just so much drama, mystery and sass. It follow a group of ridiculously rich Upper East siders - so expect to feel ever so slightly envious - and pretty much everyone sleeps with each other and betrays each other and a mysterious blogger called Gossip Girl is there to tell everyone about it. It's just one of those fab American series I become way too addicted to.

Black Mirror Season 3
I'll be honest and say I wasn't a huge fan of the first ever Black Mirror episode - y'know the one where the Prime Minister is forced to have sex with a pig on national TV. It was a bit disturbing to say the least. And some of the other episodes in the first few series didn't grab me that much either. But when season 3 hit Netflix all at once and I was in desperate need of some brand new viewing material I thought, why not! I prefer this season to the previous ones, if I'm honest. There's 6 episodes and there was only one (the fifth one) that didn't grab me. All the others had me gripped and wanting more. San Junipero is my fave episode as it's very different from any of the other Black Mirror episodes. Mainly because it actually makes you feel happy rather than sat there thinking 'what the actual fuck?' 

Gilmore Girls
I'm massively late to the bandwagon here since this show ended like, what, NINE years ago? And it started when I was only seven - crazy! But I love this show. Lorelai Gilmore has to be one of the best characters ever - I want to be exactly like her when I'm in my thirties. Winging it, drinking coffee and not worrying about having food in the fridge. I've just finished season one so I realise I've got aaaages to go yet but I'm liking how old school it is at the moment - that people don't really use mobile phones or the internet and just chill in local coffee shops instead. It basically just follows the lives of Lorelai and her daughter who live in a cute lil village called Stars Hollow. It's one of those series that just makes you feel really warm and happy and doesn't take any effort to watch. I wonder if I can watch it all before the revival comes back at the end of the month!?

The Missing
Oh lord, this show. This is actually a BBC drama that's shown on Wednesday nights and is currently half way through. If you haven't watched it yet - go catch up on iPlayer! It's basically about a girl called Alice who comes back to her family eleven years after she disappeared claiming she was kept in a bunker with another girl - who is yet to be found. There's speculation about whether Alice is who she says she is and there's loads of different characters involved - plus it skips between the present and the past quite often as well. It's definitely not a series you can just stick on in the background as it's quite complicated but I'd defo recommend if you're into thriller/mystery type shows! There was just a huge twist at the end of episode 4 and I already can't wait for next Wednesday, now! There was actually a previous series of The Missing last year on the BBC, too, but the only link between the two series is the detective so you don't need to have watched the previous one to understand the current one, just FYI.

Breaking Bad
I've actually already seen all of Breaking Bad but Josh and I were lacking a series to watch together so decided to give it a re-watch! I never fully got into this show the first time around but I'm really enjoying it, now. It's probably the show that really made Netflix what it is. I'm sure most of you have already seen it but it's essentially about a high-school chemistry teacher who decides to start cooking crystal meth after getting diagnosed with terminal cancer. Obviously loads more happens along the way but that's the basic premise. You basically see an everyday guy morph into someone completely different and his actions and decisions affect so many peoples lives along the way - all in an attempt to get money and prove himself. It's truly a great series that pretty much anyone could watch.

Dance Moms
How can I not mention Dance Moms? Somehow I've become completely obsessed with this show. It's totally ridiculous but I love it! It follows a team of dancers, their crazy moms and even crazier dance teacher Abby Lee Miller. She says things like: "Save your tears for your pillow" to nine year old girls and ranks who's better than who in each episode so you can expect arguments and drama every single episode. Obviously you can't take things too seriously as I'm pretty sure a hefty amount of it is staged but it's just great. I'm currently on season 3 but I'm not sure if I'll enjoy the later series as much as I know a lot of the girls and their Mom's have left now they're older.

What shows are you watching at the moment!?
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