Thursday, 1 December 2016

Attempting Blogmas!

So, gang, I've decided I'm going to attempt blogmas this year. I say 'attempt' rather than actually do because there is defo a 50/50 chance that I'll end up completely forgetting to post some days or just run out of ideas entirely. A bit like last year (more of that here)...

For the first few days of Blogmas, I've put together some stocking filler gift guides - as, if you're like me, buying lots of smaller presents for someone is often far more exciting than just buying one big gift! I've also been seriously enjoying shopping for Christmas decorations, lately, and will be decking the flat out with everything this weekend - so expect a post on that, too!

And that's about as far as I've got, so far...

Sounds promising, doesn't it? 

I'm much more of a 'spontaneous' blogger, though. Rather than scheduling a shit ton of posts, I prefer to just blog as and when I feel like it! Like this post, for example. Which was written at 10:30pm last night right after watching 'The Missing'. My brains a bit of a mess at the moment because I'm still digesting everything that happened in the finale - has anyone else been watching it? It's been such a gripping series!

Anyway, I really just want to give the whole Blogmas thing a good shot this year as I have so many ideas of things to blog about but it's just finding the time to actually sit down and write! Also, taking photographs is a nightmare at this time of year - which is why nearly all my blog photos at the moment are just regurgitated from my Insta - soz about that.

SO, lets see how it goes, shall we!?

Do let me know if you're doing Blogmas too and also let me know if there's any particular posts you'd like to see from me over the festive period!

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