Sunday, 11 December 2016

The Beauty Of A Lazy Weekend

When I was younger, I used to love spending my Saturday's hanging out with friends in Leeds, seeing how far I could make my £10 pocket money go. Then, I used to think Sunday's were boring cos I did nothing. Oh, how things have changed. I can't imagine anything worse than moping around a busy city centre on a Saturday and I can't imagine not wanting to have a lazy Sunday...

Don't get me wrong. I do like to busy myself on some of my days off. There's times when I'll wake up on a Saturday morning feeling energized and ready to go - I'll get up early, tick things off my to-do list and feel super productive before we've even hit the afternoon. 

But, recently, I much prefer having a lazy, lounging around weekend. This doesn't always mean I'll spend the whole weekend in my pyjamas, doing absolutely nothing. It just means I take it easy. Very easy. No rushing about, no set plans. Just taking it as it comes.

My ideal weekend consists of having a sort-of lie in. By this I mean maybe getting up between 9 and 10. Late enough for it to be light outside but early enough to not feel like 'where the fuck has my day gone?'.

Breakfast in bed or going out for breakfast is a must. I take weekend breakfast time seriously. Probably because I often skip it during the week or just opt for something dull like a bowl of cheerios. So I like to treat myself on a weekend. This weekend we went to Costa and had breakfast toasties and lattes - I absolutely love going to coffee shops when they're not super busy. When you manage to find a nice secluded corner to get comfy in (and don't have people gawping at you whilst you're standing up trying to get a decent flatlay of your coffee and food, of course.)

I hate shopping, these days. I don't know if it's because I work in retail or I just hate people (I joke) 
but I'd much rather do the majority of my shopping from my sofa. But I do like homeware shopping. 

Having a mooch round Dunelm is never too strenuous if you get there early enough and I like to annoy Josh by buying bits and bobs for the flat that I really don't need but will find a place for. This weekend I bought a white bath tray - I've been after one forever so expect to see that little fella popping up in a few Insta's soon.

I like to get home for before lunch. So I feel like I've done something with my day and don't feel guilty about then spending the next 24 hours in my flat. Pyjamas are put firmly back on and I'll usually spend the rest of the day consuming coffee and binge watching some kind of series. Gilmore Girls and How To Get Away With Murder are my current picks. 

A takeaway for tea or something super tasty is a must. I'm a firm believer that calories don't count on a weekend. I must admit I've been feasting on far too many McDonalds lately and the festive cheese feast burger is ah-mazing. Seriously, guys, if you're planning on a cheeky Maccies before Crimbo then you've got to try it. 

Today I've spent the whole day watching How To Get Away With Murder. I've watched over 10 episodes in a day - judge me! And basically, this weekend has been pretty much perfect. It's rare I get two days off together, working in retail, so I wanted to make the most of having a few days of doing next to nothing. I urge you to do the same at some point - there's a real beauty behind taking it easy and not worrying about anything.

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