Sunday, 18 December 2016

The Sunday Pick-Me-Up

Sunday's are my favourite day of the week. I mentioned in my last post (about the beauty of a lazy weekend) how I used to hate Sunday's because I didn't do anything. Ironically, that's why I love them so much, nowadays. They're a day for faffing, for mooching around, for snacking & grazing, for not doing anything of importance, for just making the most of a whole day with no priorities or pressing matters.

One of my fave things to do on a Sunday is have a bath. I rarely have baths. Truth be told, they're a bit boring if you have them too often. I don't like feeling really hot and I don't like it when my skin gets all prune-like. But an occasional bath with the right amount of bubbles, the right amount of smelly stuff and the perfect temperature is ideal when you just want to take a half an hour out to relax and rejuvenate.
I got sent loads of goodies from a company called Hayo'u, a couple of months ago and I've been slowly chipping away at everything over the past few months. Hayo'u is derived from the word 'wellness' so it's all about using basic tools & products to help de-stress and relax. The bath minerals* are my favourite - they make the bath water feel so silky! They're made of Himalayan sea salt which contain over eighty minerals to help ph balance your body. I'm not sure exactly what this means but it sounds pretty impressive, tbh. They also include frankincense which is supposed to help relieve chronic stress and anxiety and lotus flower which is known for it's soothing, cooling properties. The tub is huge. You only need a very small handful to create a really relaxing bath.
I use the shower mineralsto wash with (which are made up of the same formula as the bath minerals) - it smells a bit herbally but in a good way. You're meant to take breaths whilst using it to make you feel more relaxed and chilled out. Maybe it's a placebo effect but it seemed to work on me!
I also got sent some a beauty restorer* which I was very confused by, at first. It's essentially a massage tool that you use on your face to relieve tension and what not. I used it with their face oil* and, although a strange experience at first, it does help with relaxation. It's as if you can almost feel the tension being released from your skin. As soon as I'd used it my face was really red (from the pressure) but once this calmed down my skin just looked a lot more radiant and felt tighter (in a good way). I really like the idea of this - it's almost like treating yourself to a mini facial type thing, at home! It looks visually appealing too - but it's made of stone so don't drop it!
All these products have been propped up on my brand new bath tray from Dunelm which I'm very pleased with. I've been after one for ages and snapped one up the other week. Perfect for when you want to have everything at hand whilst in the bath!
What's your favourite pick-me-up on a Sunday?
B x

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