Thursday, 8 December 2016

Things I Said I'd Do In 2016 (And Didn't)

2016 has been a right funny old year, hasn't it? I feel like it's just been a collectively shit year for the world - I mean, we lost Alan Rickman and gained Donald fecking Trump as a president so, y'know, it's not been the best, has it? 2016 was the year I was supposed to 'sort my life out'. Here's how that went...

1) Stick at going to the gym
Yes, I was one of those people that took out a  YEARS gym membership at the start of the new year claiming that because I was tied to a year contract - I'd have to go, right? Wrong, wrong, wrong. I started off the year by going maybe 3/4 times a year. This gradually went down to once a week... Once a month... to basically never. I'm ashamed to say I haven't actually stepped foot in the gym since July. But have still paid for five months of membership. I'd like to say I'll make it my resolution to start going again in the new year but, lets be honest, I'll be cancelling it as soon as my contract has ended!

2) Eat healthily
In all fairness, I did stick at being healthy-ish for the first half of the year. But as soon as summer ended and the weather got colder, out came the comfort food. You need extra rolls to keep at Winter - that is my defense. I feel like 'eating healthily' is a silly rule to set myself because I just can't do it 24/7. No matter how much I'd like to find smoothies, avo on toast and salads appealing - I don't. Pizza is my favourite food. I can't imagine a life without it. So as much as I could try be healthier - I could never do it all the time. Which is why I just need to be realistic. Aim to perhaps eat healthy throughout the week and then treat myself on a weekend... I don't know. Right now, though, I'm enjoying my multiple advent calendars far too much to care!

3) Save money
I was convinced this was going to be the year where I would save enough for a house deposit. HA. I'm not even remotely close. Saving money can be soul destroying. Like, yeah, the end result is so obviously worth it but it just doesn't feel like it at the time when you're working your arse off and not being able to spend any of your earnings! I need to get in a routine next year where I save a certain amount AND spend a certain amount rather - it's all about getting the balance right.

4) Grow my blog
Up until the back end of this year, I've been seriously shit at blogging throughout 2016. By the end of this year, I probably won't have even done half the amount of posts I did in 2015! And I don't even have a real reason. I just sort of lost my mojo for a bit. I felt like I didn't have anything to say, I was uninspired and just generally wasn't interested in anything to do with blogging, at all. Over the past few months, I've changed my attitude completely. I've been getting back into regularly posting, using social media a lot more and working with loads of different brands. I definitely don't want to fall behind with it in 2017!

5) Decide what I want to 'do' with my life
I hate the question 'so what do you do?'. Like it just feels like we're so defined by our careers that there's a real pressure today to be doing something you actually want to do. That sounds good. That doesn't make you want to follow the question with 'well I'm doing x now but I'm actually working on doing this in the future.' It's okay to not be sure of what you want to do, where you want to go in life. From the age of 11 right up until going to university, I wanted to be a journalist. Noone could have convinced me otherwise. Until I did Journalism at uni and realised that, well, it wasn't what I thought it was. Journalism wasn't just interviewing celebrities, writing a couple of columns and rushing about London with a Starbs in hand. Journalism is gritty. It involves you lingering around court all day hoping to get into a case that you hope will be juicy. It involves you sitting in the public gallery of a murder case, furiously jotting down notes about how someone was murdered whilst there family sit merely feet away. I couldn't do it. Perhaps I could have interned for free at glossy London publications and eventually got a job working for Vogue. Who knows. But I didn't have the drive for it. I felt like I couldn't be someone who made a living from writing about other peoples misery - even if it was only a stepping stone to get somewhere else. So I left uni clueless. And I still feel just as clueless, now, But I feel like you have to experience life to know what you want from it. So it's not wrong to have worked a few different jobs and still not found the one you love. Don't worry about what other people think - at the end of the day, you're the one who actually has to work that job day in and day out.

I'm not sure on what goals I'll set myself for 2017 - my main one will definitely be to not beat myself up as much. And realise that although I may not have achieved what I wanted from 2016, I feel like everything that happened definitely happened for a reason.

Did you achieve what you wanted to in 2016? 

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