Monday, 5 December 2016

Things That Will Get You In The Festive Spirit If You're Not Already

Unlike last year, I've been feeling festive for quite a while, now. And now we're actually in December, I'm in full on Christmas mode. But I know some people will still be feeling a bit 'meh' about the holiday season. Last year, I couldn't be arsed with Christmas at all - we didn't even put up any Christmas decorations (I know, what scrooges). I think because I was just in a bit of a down mood in general, this time last year, I sort of ruined the whole build up to Christmas for myself. If you're in a similar position, here's a few things that might help to get you firmly into the festive spirit...

1) Put up Christmas decorations
Like, even if it's just a few fairy lights or something - it's a start! We've not gone all out this year - we only have a small artificial tree and some other festive decorations dotted about but it's something and it feels super cosy on a night when the tree lights are twinkling.

2) Wander around a garden centre
Garden centres are a glorious place to visit over the festive period. Like, normally, they're a bit dull. Full of overpriced stuff you can pick up from The Range or B&M for half the price but, come Christmas, they're fab. They're always filled with a million christmas lights, tacky decorations and a shit ton of big-ass, real trees (that I have no intention of buying but still enjoy looking at!) Trust me, have a browse round and you'll probably end up leaving with some random light up, singing Santa that you'll want to throw outta the window before the big day even arrives.

3) Do a Christmas food/drink shop
Cos, lets be honest, my favourite thing about Christmas is the food. Overindulgence, at it's finest. Cheese, chocolate. chipolatas, carbs - everything that makes my stomach ridiculously happy. We have Christmas Day dinner at my parents so won't actually be buying turkey or anything like that but it's all about the snacks! There's nothing better than spending the week between Christmas and New Years Day sprawled on the sofa doing nothing but watch Christmas films in your pyjamas and eat. I'm planning an M&S shop, the week before Christmas, to buy lots of festive food - cheeseboards, tubs of Celebrations, Yule log, prosecco etc - you may as well end the year on a high, after all!

4) Buy some Christmas pyjamas
Anyone else really enjoy treating themselves to a new pair of pyjamas specifically for Christmas? I always want to save them for Christmas Eve but sometimes it's too tempting to not wear them before! I have the cosiest pair of fleece lined pyjama bottoms, from New Look, that my sister bought me last year for Christmas, and I literally love wearing them, at the moment. They're purple, covered in snowflakes and are just the comfiest thing ever! 

5) Indulge on a week night
Because usually you might say no to a glass of wine or a family sized bar of galaxy on a random Wednesday night but, guys, it's Christmas! You're allowed. December is just the perfect month for indulgence and a bit of YOLO. I love it.

6) Go Christmas shopping
Something I actually dislike about Christmas is shopping. It's not that I don't like buying people presents, it's just the general busyness of pretty much every single shop throughout the entirety of December that winds me up. People begin to lose all manners and it's just a no, from me. The fact I work in retail probably adds to my cynicism, to be fair! But if you manage to go first thing on a morning - or you do it all online - Christmas shopping can actually be kinda fun! There's something thrilling about buying something for someone that you know they'll love. And the feeling when you finally finish your Christmas shopping is summin' else. I haven't hit that stage yet but I'm looking forward to it, when I do!

7) Have a festive hot drink
If you don't like hot drinks then I'm really sorry. But most people do so I kinda have to include this. If you're like me, you live for the Starbucks festive drinks coming out. Toffee nut lattes are my favourite drink ever and I like to make the most of their short life span around this time of year. There's just something about festive drinks that make me feel all warm inside (literally and metaphorically). If you don't want to splash out for a coffee shop Christmas drink then make your own! We made Terry's chocolate orange hot chocs last year and they were de-lish. BRB, off to go the shop to buy one right now.

8) Listen to a cheesy Christmas album
Just type 'Christmas' into Spotify and see what comes up. I found a fabulous album, yesterday, which had a mix of the usual suspects (think Wham's Last Christmas and Pogue's Fairytale of New York) plus some cringey yet fabulous Christmas numbers by the likes of N-Sync and Jessica Simpson that you probably didn't even know existed. It's hard to feel down when you're listening to N-Sync sing about 'feeling the love in the room from the floor to the ceiling'. Seriously guys go listen to 'Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays' by them - it's brilliant.

What do you like to do to get in the festive spirit?!
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