Monday, 3 July 2017

A Week In Sorrento And Visiting Capri & Rome

Well it's 3 days since I returned from my week in Sorrento, Italy (plus a few little jaunts to Rome and Capri in between) and I'm still suffering from a major case of the holiday blues so I thought I'd do a little blog post about it. This was probably the best holiday I've ever been on so I'm excited to share with you what we got up to there whilst there!


Sunday, 7 May 2017

Recent Beauty Favourites

Hello, hello - it's been a while hasn't it!? I say this every time I go on a bit of a blogging break but this actually is the longest I've gone without blogging since I started I think. Not cool. Anyways, here I am, with a little post on some bangin' beauty bits I've been trying over the past month or so that I just had to share with you...


Sunday, 26 March 2017

Making The Most of Smonday

is what I like to call this time of evening on a Sunday -when it's basically no longer really the weekend as tomorrow is the dreaded Monday. I'm notorious for getting a bit stroppy on a Sunday night. After all, the weekends been and gone (far too quickly, as always) and there's 5 days of work ahead of us before the next one begins! But I'm trying to change the way I view Sunday evenings and actually see them as a chance to chill out and get ready for the week ahead - as they say: "A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.."

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Why Taking An Unexpected Blogging/Social Media Break Can Be Great

How ironic that my last post was like "hey! look how well I balance my job with my blog" and then 12 days later, without posting once, comes this one all about how I took a bit of a break... my bad! But, hey, we're human and it's totally okay to just take a break from all things social if you need it...

Thursday, 9 February 2017

A Few Tips For Juggling Blogging With Full Time Work

I've recently gone back to working 9-5 Monday-Friday, in an office, and although I much prefer working set hours and having weekends to myself - I do find it difficult to make as much time for my blog. Although I still worked full time in my last role, my shifts were very random so I'd often start late or have days off in the week - which meant I just found it a bit easier to fit time in for my blog. I think the biggest thing I've had to adjust do is having to take photos in advance - it's almost impossible to take good blog photos in the winter, when you work 9-5, because natural light is basically non-existent!


Monday, 6 February 2017

What I Read In January

One of my goals for this year was to read more. I love reading but I can go months on end without ever actually picking a book up because I'm too 'busy' (ie. wasting my life on social media!) I started off the year really well and read 3 books in the first week of January. Then I got a bit slack and only managed another 2 for the rest of the month. Still - if I can get through 5 a month - I'll be happy with that! Here's what I read in January - maybe you'll find yourself some books to add to your 'to read' list...

Friday, 3 February 2017

24 Things I've Learned In 24 Years

24 is a funny old age. No longer early twenties and not really properly mid twenties (I hope)? Just a sort of floater age. I turned 24 yesterday and I'm not sure I'm a fan of it. I'm rapidly on my way to entering the overs category on the X Factor yet I still feel like an 18 year old at heart - which kinda terrifies me a bit! Anyway, after turning a year older yesterday I thought I'd do a little round up of 24 things I've learned during my 24 years on earth...

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Quality Over Quantity

I've seen a lot of posts lately about how people think blogging might go this year etc and I've realised that my main aim for Bethany Georgina, in 2017, is to prioritise quality over quantity. I still want to keep a fairly regular schedule but I want to make sure that I'm 100% happy with every single post before I go ahead and hit publish...

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

A Wednesday In Whitby

When I was younger, visiting the seaside was something I did a lot more regularly. Up until this trip, I hadn't been to a (British) seaside for at least 10 years! Since Josh had a couple of days off last week, we decided to go on a little day out to Whitby, in North Yorkshire. It's about a 2 hours drive away from where we live but was definitely worth the road trip!

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Accepting That Things Take Time

I've realised lately that a lot of my worrying and fretting is often about things in the future; where will I be career-wise in a few years time? Will I ever be able to blog/write full time? When will I save up enough money for a house deposit? When will I get abs? Things that take time. Realistically, unless I win a substantial amount of money, a lot of the things I'd like to happen right now are simply not going to. And that's fine.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Why Word Vomit Is OK Sometimes

I love writing - it's the reason I started blogging, it's the reason I took Journalism at uni, it's the reason I took Media, English Lit AND English Lang at A-Level. But it still doesn't mean that I always know what to write about. I was itching to write a blog post tonight. Purely because I really like the release I feel whilst tapping away at my keyboard - letting all my inner thoughts and ideas out, somewhere in the open. But sometimes I'm a bit like 'errrm?' I have nothing to say. Zero. Zilch. Nada. I mean I could go and edit all the photos I took today at the seaside. But I don't feel like editing each photo within an inch of it's life so it looks #goals. I just want to say shit. But what to say...?


Sunday, 15 January 2017

Little Ways To Make Yourself Feel Happier Right Now

First of all, SORRY about the cheesy title. If I read this, I'd probably do a huge eye roll too but hear me out first, okay? This year, one of the main things I wanted to do was focus on my happiness. I find it far too easy to get into a bad mood and not allow myself to escape it. I'll hide away in bed with sad music on, having a little cry, wallowing away in my own pointless, bad thoughts. And, you know what? That's okay. Sometimes I need this. I need to wallow, I need to cry and I need to just feel a little sorry for myself. But I also need to learn how to get myself out of this situation. To not waste an entire day wallowing but to, instead, do something that will switch my mood around. To not allow my mind to take over, basically. I've found a few ways recently that have helped with this and I just thought I'd share 'em on here with you guys!


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Easy Ways To Make Extra Cash Online

Okay, so I've done a few posts like this before but I thought I'd do an updated 2017 version for any new readers and, also, for anyone who's just generally interested in making a bit of extra cash online! Someone on Twitter recently asked me to do a post with tips on how I sell things on eBay so I thought I'd just put a post together about making extra money online, in general, and also include some eBay pointers in there, too!


Thursday, 5 January 2017

Some Books I Want To Read In 2017

I've set myself the challenge of 'reading more' for the past couple of years, now. Whilst I never go a year without at least reading 5/6 books, I never read enough. I love reading. I'm not someone who just wants to do it because I feel like I should - I genuinely really enjoy it. I miss studying English Literature and dissecting a single quote and thinking about all the different ways it could be interpreted, I miss looking for a hidden message or metaphor behind a seemingly simple sentence. I just really love getting stuck into a good book and I'm always reminded of this when I eventually pick up a book and end up finishing it in a few days flat because I get so hooked.
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