Wednesday, 25 January 2017

A Wednesday In Whitby

When I was younger, visiting the seaside was something I did a lot more regularly. Up until this trip, I hadn't been to a (British) seaside for at least 10 years! Since Josh had a couple of days off last week, we decided to go on a little day out to Whitby, in North Yorkshire. It's about a 2 hours drive away from where we live but was definitely worth the road trip!

Whitby is probably my favourite seaside town to visit up North, as there's not loads to do there but it's just a really traditional town with cute cobbled streets, a bit of history and a nice stretch of sea and sand that's pretty clean compared to some of the other seasides up North!

We only stayed for about 4 hours as we literally just wanted to get a bit of sea air, have a little stroll around and take some pics for Instagram, obvs (well that part was more for me, tbh).

We took a brisk walk along the sea front where I tested Josh's photography skills, lost about £10 in the arcades trying (and failing) to catch a Star Wars toy, wandered around the Abbey and had lunch in the cutest little cafe! 

I'd definitely recommend visiting 'Crumbs n Cobbles', if you're taking a visit to Whitby as it's a really reasonably priced cafe that's oh so Insta-worthy. Josh ordered a Terrys orange hot chocolate and it looked amazing. I was a tad jealous whilst sipping on my green tea, not gonna lie. We both had toasted teacakes to eat that were about the size of my head and were seriously delicious.

I really enjoyed our little day out by the sea - it was short but sweet but I'm definitely looking forward to having more days like this in 2017. As much as I'd like to travel a bit further afield this year, this showed me that you still can have fun exploring places closer to home - and it's a lot more budget friendly too, of course!

Have you got any day trips or staycations planned this year?

B x


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