Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Easy Ways To Make Extra Cash Online

Okay, so I've done a few posts like this before but I thought I'd do an updated 2017 version for any new readers and, also, for anyone who's just generally interested in making a bit of extra cash online! Someone on Twitter recently asked me to do a post with tips on how I sell things on eBay so I thought I'd just put a post together about making extra money online, in general, and also include some eBay pointers in there, too!

I'm in between jobs at the mo so any extra money I can make is a bonus, right now, and it helps that I have a lot more free time to dedicate to it. But I've always been into making extra bits of cash online, even whilst working full time, as I just think 'why not?'. I'm on my laptop constantly and it only makes sense that I should profit from that, right!?


The easiest, and most consistent, way I make a bit of extra money online is by doing surveys. If you want a more detailed post on this check out this old post but, in summary, you literally answer questions on a variety of topics from politics to restaurants, for cash. Some survey sites may actually pay you in cash but most of them tend to give you vouchers. Now, you're not going to make a living from this - at the moment I'm doing a lot more as I have the time so I probably average about £100 a month but usually it would be a bit less than that. But it's always a good feeling when I want to treat myself to a little something and I have survey money/vouchers to use rather than having to dip into my actual work earnings! Like, for example, I'm about to buy a bottle of my fave Chanel perfume (Coco Mademoiselle) with survey earnings, at the end of this month! There's loads of sites out there to choose from but the ones I use nowadays are:

Valued Opinions - this is my favourite - and most-used - survey site. I pretty much always get at least a survey a day from them so it's very easy to build up my balance and they pay you in vouchers which include; Boots, John Lewis, M&S and many more.
PanelBase - a site I've started using a lot more recently - they pay you in cash and you can withdraw as soon as you hit £10. Again, I tend to get at least one survey a day from them.
YourWord - one annoying thing I will say about is surveys is that you don't always qualify. For example, if they've already got enough feedback from girls aged 18-24, then as soon as I say my gender and age, I won't be able to go any further. I'm mentioning this here because YourWord will give you 10p even if you don't qualify. Yeah, yeah - what's 10p, right? But it'll take you 10 seconds to get that. These guys pay, in vouchers, every time you hit £5.
OnePoll - probably my least favourite survey site but it also requires the least effort. They only really pay you 10-30p for each survey whereas all the others pay between 50p-£3 on average. However, the surveys are basically 1-5 questions long so don't even take you a minute. They pay you in cash once you hit £40.


Moving on to the main reason I did this post - eBay! A lot of people often ask me how I manage to sell stuff on eBay and here's my answer: people will buy anything! Honestly, I've sold so many things that I genuinely thought nobody would be interested in - it's always worth a try. My main tips are;

Start your bidding low - if you're only selling cheap things (for example worn Primark clothing) just bite the bullet and start your bidding at 99p. You avoid any listing fees by starting at this price too! 9 times out of 10 you'll end up getting more than that but, if you don't, you've made a quid at the end of the day. However, if you know for a fact you won't take any lower than £10, for example, then just start the bids at £10 to avoid disappointment. If it doesn't sell the first time around, then you know that perhaps the price was too high.
Always ensure you charge enough for postage - if you end up charging 50p more then that's a bonus. But don't charge too little or your profits will dwindle! If I'm selling clothes, £2.80 is usually the price I'll put as that tends to be the average price to send a 2nd class parcel. If you're selling particularly heavy clothing though, like a coat, put it a bit higher.
Be clear and concise - explain everything in layman's terms otherwise you'll just get people messaging you asking for more information. Make sure you always state any kind of damage otherwise it can result in the buyer demanding a refund - and eBay always take sides with the buyer!
Include keywords in the title - where it's from, size, colour etc.  Always include the brand in the title. People will search for 'Topshop jeans' rather than just ladies jeans. Use abbreviations like BN (brand new), BNWT (brand new with tags), BNWOT (brand new without tags) to make life easier.
Offer postage discounts - let people know you're willing to do a postage discount if the same person buys more than one item. Someone might be searching for a Benefit brow pencil, for example, and if they see that you're also selling other Benefit items that discount might make them want to buy more.


Use cashback sites for ANYTHING you buy. It all adds up. Go to Top Cashback, type in the site you want to buy something from, click on it from there and boom - you get 5% back in cash (or whatever the amount is for that particular site). Look out for offers for new sign-ups. I signed up for Quidco a couple of months ago and bought a Benefit 'They're Real' mascara and got given the same amount back in cashback a few weeks later - so it was basically free! For big purchases like phones, holidays, laptops etc, it's so worth it. Last year, I got £80 for a new phone contract and £50 for booking a holiday - purchases I would have made anyway.

I hope you found this post helpful! Do you have any tips on making extra money online?

B x

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