Sunday, 15 January 2017

Little Ways To Make Yourself Feel Happier Right Now

First of all, SORRY about the cheesy title. If I read this, I'd probably do a huge eye roll too but hear me out first, okay? This year, one of the main things I wanted to do was focus on my happiness. I find it far too easy to get into a bad mood and not allow myself to escape it. I'll hide away in bed with sad music on, having a little cry, wallowing away in my own pointless, bad thoughts. And, you know what? That's okay. Sometimes I need this. I need to wallow, I need to cry and I need to just feel a little sorry for myself. But I also need to learn how to get myself out of this situation. To not waste an entire day wallowing but to, instead, do something that will switch my mood around. To not allow my mind to take over, basically. I've found a few ways recently that have helped with this and I just thought I'd share 'em on here with you guys!

1) Practise yoga and feel all zen.
Yep, your gal now does yoga. I'll be honest, here, I was very very sceptical about yoga at first, too. But, I decided to have a go at it on a whim after spending 2 days in a row in bed with a nasty sickness bug. I wanted to exercise but I didn't want to leave my flat and I didn't want to do something that wasn't too challenging (turns out yoga can be very challenging). I typed 'yoga for beginners' into YouTube and clicked on the first video that came up: 'The 30 day yoga challenge with Adriene: Day 1'. I popped my gym clothes on, used a throw as a makeshift yoga mat and gave it a go. And, guess what? I loved it. I highly recommend Yoga with Adriene. She's really relaxed, has a bit of a laugh with you and carefully talks you through each step. The intensity of the videos vary - I'm on Day 8, and today's video was all about using yoga for meditation so it was a lot more about stretching and soothing. Whereas, day 7 was full body yoga and I literally thought I was going to collapse by the end of it. For me, yoga is great physically but, even more so, mentally. I always feel really refreshed after a yoga session and I don't spend the entire time counting down the minutes til it ends, like I used to at the gym. And because a big chunk of the sessions involves breathing and 'connecting with yourself', it really does do wonders for your mood and your happiness levels, in general.

2) Sit down with a hot drink and let the world pass by.
This is such an underrated thing. So many of us drink tea and coffee like it's going out of fashion, whilst working, but how many of us actually take the time to have a proper hot drink 'break'? Where you might even take yourself off to a coffee shop, or just make a brew at home/in the office, and simply do nothing for 10 minutes whilst you drink it. Let your mind wander, flick through a magazine - just take 10 minutes out of your day for a little escape. It's worth it, trust.

3) Read something.
I've started reading way more this year (I'm already on my 4th book of 2017, yay!) and I can already see the difference it has on my mood. I always feel happier after reading. It gives me a little escape from everyday life that I just don't think watching TV or going on the internet does. My mind often drifts when I'm browsing through Twitter or watching Hollyoaks but, if I'm reading a good book, I'm forced to stay focused. If you're not a big reader just do it for a little bit each night - even if it's just having a look through a magazine!

4) Have some kind of a pamper.
An impromptu pamper is sometimes the best way to cheer myself up. Taking a bath, popping a face mask on, even just trying out some of my make up - who cares if you're only spending the rest of the day inside? If I look good, I usually feel good.

5) Go for a little walk, get some fresh air.
This is something I struggle with. I get really fed up of being inside, sometimes, yet I'll still just carry on sitting inside instead of actually forcing myself to go outside. It's a vicious cycle. I mean, if it's windy and rainy then a walk is probably not the best option. But if the sun's shining and it's that kind of weather where it feels all cool and crisp, then get yo'self out there. Breathe in the fresh air, don't look at your phone for half an hour, enjoy nature. Simple but it works for me, anyway.

6) Close your eyes, listen to some music.
Hey, maybe have a singalong if you're feeling really crazy. Certain songs make me feel certain things. Like listening to Little Mix makes me feel all girl boss-y whilst listening to Ed Sheeran makes me feel really chilled out. I used to get really busy trains to and from work every day and I actually don't think I could have coped on those journeys without my music to distract me from the shittiness of public transport!

What little things do you to boost your happiness levels?

B x


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