Saturday, 28 January 2017

Quality Over Quantity

I've seen a lot of posts lately about how people think blogging might go this year etc and I've realised that my main aim for Bethany Georgina, in 2017, is to prioritise quality over quantity. I still want to keep a fairly regular schedule but I want to make sure that I'm 100% happy with every single post before I go ahead and hit publish...


Last year, I wasn't happy with my blog at all. I fell into a trap of posting for the sake of it. Randomly thinking of content that I didn't really care about and finding some crappy photo to accompany it - just so my archive didn't look insanely empty.

This year, I'm not going to do that. If I end up going a week or so without posting, that's fine.

I think I often feel like if I suddenly stop posting for a few weeks, people will just stop reading my blog altogether. But I need to remember I can always just re-promote old posts as a lot of people may not have even read them in the first place!


So far this year, I've been really happy with every post I've done. I mean, I've only posted 7 times but each post has had loads of engagement and I've just felt like they've all been really me. The kind of random, lifestyle-y posts I used to love doing when I first started blogging!

'Quality' is subjective, though. My kind of 'quality' post might not be anywhere near the standards of someone else - I get that. And by quality, I don't mean long ass posts with thousands of words and a shit ton of photos to accompany it - I just want each post to be worthy of publishing rather than something I've just thrown together for the sake of posting! 

I want to produce content that I would actually want to read, at the end of the day. That could mean whipping up a quick post about a recipe I'm loving at the moment that takes me half an hour to write or gradually putting together a lengthy post over a longer period. If I feel a buzz when putting it together, then I know that's a good sign. 


I've always felt comfortable with the writing side of blogging but photography is an area I really struggle with. And in today's blogging world, photos are important. People want high quality, well put together images. So I want to put a lot more effort into my photography and play around with it a bit! Push myself to produce photos that I'm actually pretty proud of. 

Basically, I just want my photos to look Insta/Pinterest-worthy and #goals. I'm not sure if I've quite achieved that yet but I feel like I'm getting there! (True fact: I got actual back-ache from taking the flatlay for this post, so you can see how much effort I'm trying to put in here).


How many times have you put together a post you thought was fabulous and it just flopped? Then a post you thought was a pile of shit ended up being really popular? Yep, that sucks - and it also kind of defies the point of this post but also reinforces it, in a way, as I should just be happy with the quality of the post even if means the quantity of views wasn't as good as I'd hoped for!

What I'm trying to say is that I don't want to get too wrapped up in stats and stuff like that at the moment - I want to focus on putting effort into each and every post first and, hopefully, it'll pay off in the long run!

Do you prefer quality over quantity in blogging?

B x

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