Thursday, 5 January 2017

Some Books I Want To Read In 2017

I've set myself the challenge of 'reading more' for the past couple of years, now. Whilst I never go a year without at least reading 5/6 books, I never read enough. I love reading. I'm not someone who just wants to do it because I feel like I should - I genuinely really enjoy it. I miss studying English Literature and dissecting a single quote and thinking about all the different ways it could be interpreted, I miss looking for a hidden message or metaphor behind a seemingly simple sentence. I just really love getting stuck into a good book and I'm always reminded of this when I eventually pick up a book and end up finishing it in a few days flat because I get so hooked.

In a world obsessed with social media (myself included), a lot of our free time is spent scrolling. Scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. Consuming chunks of other peoples lives but not really taking anything in. I often feel like I've wasted entire evenings aimlessly browsing the internet or watching something on TV I'm not really interested in when I could have actually just sat and got lost in a really good book, instead. 

Anyways, I've got off to a good start this year and have already finished 2 books - yay me. Let's see if I can keep it up! I'm wanting to read 3/4 books each month so I can do a round up review post each month - so that's something to spur me on even more!

I've been thinking about what books I want to read this year. A lot of my reading material often comes from my Mum who'll pass on everything she's read to me. But, this year, I want to choose more books myself. I really like the excitement of actually picking a book and then feeling really eager to start it - just me?

Here's what's on my 'to read' list, at the moment: (Of course this list will probably grow and change numerous times throughout the year)!

I got this book for Christmas after seeing so much hype about the whole 'hygge' concept, everywhere. I'm still not 100% sure what hygge is but, hey, I guess that's what this book is for, isn't it? I'd say this is much more of a 'coffee-table read' and probably one of those books you could just pick up and flick through whenever - rather than having to read the whole thing in one go. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to getting stuck into it and hygge-ing myself up.

I've already read the first three Potter books (I think) but it must be well over 12 years since I did. Oh my, I feel old. I remember not fully getting them the first time I read them. As a tween/teen, I was much more into a good old Jacqueline Wilson book so would rather read about Girls in Love than teenage wizards! As I've got older though, I've grown to absolutely love the films and I hate how my boyfriend (who has read all the books) is always like 'that happened differently in the book'. I want to be in the know. So I'd quite like to buy myself the collection and re-read the first three and start the next four! I probably won't read all of them this year but I'd definitely like to give some of them a go.

I love Mel & Sue and I'm absolutely gutted they won't be presenting GBBO, anymore! So when I saw Sue had a book out, I knew it would be straight to the top of my 'to read' list. I'm not usually a fan of celeb autobiography's/biography's but Sue's is more of an exaggerated memoir so I'm sure it will be a tad more tongue in cheek than most! It has great reviews and, as I find her so funny on TV, I'm pretty sure her humour will shine through in her writing too.

I've seen this book cropping up everywhere on Instagram and it seems right up my street. I'm a worrier and I care far too much about what people think - if this book will change that mindset even a little, it's well worth a read. Plus, lets be honest, it has a very Instagrammable front cover and although I may want to pay slightly more attention to reading than gramming, this year, I obviously still care how my grid looks.

According to critics, this book is meant to be a 'modern day' To Kill a Mockingbird (what a classic) and, in short, is about a an African American nurse who gets caught up in a media (and race) scandal when a baby dies following a routine procedure - after her parents specifically banned that particular nurse from looking after her. I haven't actually read any of Jodi's previous books but I really like the sound of this one!

As the title suggests, this book delves into sexual consent, rape culture and victim blaming. It's about a girl who is unlikeable - a bully, a cheater, a liar and someone who even persuaded a friend who had been assaulted, in the past, not to press charges. So when she herself is attacked - she, and everyone else around her, blame her and, of course, say she was 'asking for it'. This sounds quite hard hitting and gritty but I definitely think it will be an eye-opening read.

I studied The Great Gatbsy at A-Level and it's my favourite book. I haven't read it in years though so would really like to give it a re-read. The prose is beautiful and so is the story. I feel like despite being set in the twenties, the premise of the story is something that can, and probably will, live on forever. Pretty much everyone can relate to some, or many, of the themes told in the book; unrequited love, trying to fit in somewhere you don't, living your life through other people. It's one of those books that has really stayed with me and I'm eager to be reminded why.

What's on your 'to read' list this year!?

B x


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