Thursday, 9 February 2017

A Few Tips For Juggling Blogging With Full Time Work

I've recently gone back to working 9-5 Monday-Friday, in an office, and although I much prefer working set hours and having weekends to myself - I do find it difficult to make as much time for my blog. Although I still worked full time in my last role, my shifts were very random so I'd often start late or have days off in the week - which meant I just found it a bit easier to fit time in for my blog. I think the biggest thing I've had to adjust do is having to take photos in advance - it's almost impossible to take good blog photos in the winter, when you work 9-5, because natural light is basically non-existent!

Now that I've settled into my new work routine, I've also got myself into a new blog routine. And I'm feeling a lot happier with my blog at the moment - so something must be working!

Here's a few ways I stay on top of blogging whilst working full time...

(P.S. I've seen a few posts like this kicking around so apologies if I'm just repeating what others have said or stating the obvious but I just wanted to give my own personal take on how I'm juggling blogging with full time work, at the moment:)

- Make the most of your weekends
I actually really enjoy dedicating a big chunk of my weekend to blogging - I got into a bit of a rut with my blog last year where I ended up feeling like blogging was a bit of a chore. To me, this is when you should step back and take a break. And that's pretty much what I did. I went weeks without posting and, when I did post, they were lazy, shitty posts that I threw together on a bit of a whim, to be honest. I'm at a place now, though, where I really enjoy blogging again so spending time on my blog over the weekend doesn't really feel like a chore anymore - it just feels like I'm doing a hobby (which I am, basically)! But seriously, weekends are the best time you're gonna get for blogging, when working full time, as you have 2 whole days to spend time on it. I tend to use the weekends for taking photos as it means I can take them in natural light and I can faff around with props and stuff! I feel like I can write a post whenever and wherever really but, when it comes to photos, I like to have them prepared in advance.

- Write things down
I've started to get into a habit of writing blog ideas down when they come to me. This way, if I'm ever stuck for ideas, I can look back on random thoughts I had previously and try to piece together a post from that. I love buying stationery so I've recently bought a whole load of bits, from Homesense, to use specifically for blog planning. Any excuse to buy more stationery, right? I picked up a pretty, pale pink weekly planner* for jotting down the days I plan to post and any other ideas that spring to mind, some pastel pens* for writing all my fabulous ideas down with and some super cute storage boxes* to store PR samples and things in. I'm obsessed with the white pineapple storage boxes I picked up - they're serious goals - and it only cost about £6 for both of them!

- Remember to take photos whilst your out and about 
Going for a little walk? Take photos. Nipping out for a quick Starbs? Take photos. Whipping up a tasty meal for treat night? TAKE PHOTOS! If you're anything like me, your days and evenings will be pretty dull Monday-Thursday. I rarely do anything interesting so I literally have nothing to take photos of. So, when I'm out and about on a weekend, or a day off, I try to remember to get a bit snap happy! Even if it's just taking a few shots of your Saturday morning latte - those kinds of generic photos can match with a whole host of lifestyle posts!

- Have a bank of photos at the ready
As I said before, I can easily write a post at 10pm on a Tuesday evening but I'd struggle to take a decent photo to go with said post. That's why it's good to have a bank of images at the ready. If I have particular post ideas in mind then I'll take specific photos to match that, in advance. Like, for example, my 'What I read in January' post - I actually took that photo before I'd even read some of the books in the photo but I knew I would have read them by the time it came to uploading the post! But I also like to just take generic photos that can be paired with a whole number of posts. That way, if you randomly feel like writing a post on a Tuesday evening, you don't have to delay uploading it because you'll have a decent photo at the ready to go with it! If you're going somewhere scenic - take a shit ton of photos! I went to the seaside a few weeks ago and I've used different photos from that trip on loooads of my posts throughout January as they look pretty and they just seem to go really well. Other ideas are:

  • Random flatlays - they always go down well and go with pretty much any post.
  • Outfit shots - I've noticed a lot of bloggers, lately, using pictures of themselves for lifestyle posts rather than actually using it for a fashion post which is a good idea as if the post is about you - why not use a photo of you?!
  • Pictures of tea/coffee - bloggers love a hot drink so a picture of a pretty looking latte to go with a post about 'things to do at the weekend', for example, is always a good shout!

Do you have any tips on juggling blogging with full time work/studying? 

Beth x

*Giftcard provided by Homesense to purchase items mentioned in this post.


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