Sunday, 26 March 2017

Making The Most of Smonday

is what I like to call this time of evening on a Sunday -when it's basically no longer really the weekend as tomorrow is the dreaded Monday. I'm notorious for getting a bit stroppy on a Sunday night. After all, the weekends been and gone (far too quickly, as always) and there's 5 days of work ahead of us before the next one begins! But I'm trying to change the way I view Sunday evenings and actually see them as a chance to chill out and get ready for the week ahead - as they say: "A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.."

- Take the day slow and steady. 
I hate busy Sunday's. I'd much rather have plans on a Saturday and then spend my Sunday doing, well, not very much at all. This way, I feel like the day lasts longer and I start the week feeling well rested. If I have a non-stop weekend, I tend to feel sluggish and lethargic on a Monday morning and this is never a good thing! I'd much rather have a laid back, relaxing Sunday so that, come Monday morning, I'm ready to get up and do shit (well, as ready as I can be...)

- Plan boring stuff in advance
I'm a planner. I like to know things, in advance, like what I'm eating for dinner for the rest of the week, if I'm doing anything on any evenings after work, how much money I can afford to spend throughout the week - basically all things boring and adult-y. I like to take 20 minutes or so to just jot things down in my notebook and make a few lists! After all, I need an excuse to actually use the many notebooks I have. I'm loving my most recent find (pictured above) from Homesense.

- Have a bit of a pamper
Sunday evenings have become the one evening a week where I give myself a bit of a pamper. I'll pop a hair and face mask on and maybe take a nice, hot bath. This way, no matter how tired I feel on a Monday - at least my skin and hair will feel good! I also use Sundays to do non-glam beauty related stuff like trimming my nails, shaving, exfoliating etc - basically all the stuff I cba to do throughout the week!

- Read
I've slowly fallen out of the habit of getting into bed on an evening and reading. I think this tends to be because, when I've been at work all day, I like to spend my evening reconnecting with the outside world through social media. Plus, I'm just a bit of a lazy shit on weeknights and anything that requires my focus and attention is a bit of no-no. So reading just doesn't tend to happen. But, on a Sunday, there's no excuse. Getting into bed early with a good book is the perfect way to end my weekend and it helps me fall asleep so I'm not laid awake fretting about the week ahead!

How do you like to spend your Sunday evening?

In the picture...
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- All Homesense.


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